Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Expand a Sign inflates outdoor branding options

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Expand A Sign inflatable branding for Jeep

Just having a monster sized chicken or cool drink bottle in a shopping centre parking lot is enough to spark curiosity and alert customers to the fact that something out of the ordinary is happening. A massive balloon or colourful giant sized replica of your brand hovering in mid-air is also sure to attract attention.

That’s why humongous branded Inflatables – from towering arches at sporting events to air dancers and eye catching brand or product replicas at petrol stations – have become the must have’s in an overcrowded advertising space and the perfect way to create brand awareness.

“They are large enough to be unusual and can, at the same time, be designed to be easily recognisable and entertaining. Because they are certainly something that people don’t see every day, they will certainly stand out in a crowd and generate plenty of excitement. That’s why they always create interest,” says Kirsty Fonzari, marketing manager of global leader in portable branding solutions, Expand A Sign.

She notes that more innovative and tangible advertising solutions are needed to grab consumer attention in a world that is cluttered by multiple social media messages and inundated with traditional advertising solutions.

“Outdoor branding is ultra-important. Customised advertising inflatables have become more and more popular over the past several years and we expect that trend to continue in the new year. They have a certain WOW factor and demand attention as they bring your brand to life. They’re perfect for product launches and have proved to be the best way to maximise sponsorship at sporting events such as the Comrades Marathon and rugby and soccer matches,” she explains.

An added bonus is that, whereas more traditional forms of advertising have limited life spans and the spend is gone in a blink, inflatables can be folded up for re-use, she says.

The trick is to combine quality and innovation with plenty of imagination. That opens up a host of different inflatable options. While inflatable arches are perfect for sporting events where athletes need to cross a finishing line, product replicas and inflatable columns or brands are ideal for expos, product launches and activations.

“There is almost no limit to where you can position an eye catching inflatable – from shopping malls, to public transport hubs to office blocks and even property developments. With input from our in-house designers, we are able to help you to come up with something creative, colourful and even amusing that is sure to demand attention and engage customers,” says Fonzari.

Expand A Sign can custom design and manufacture inflatables of any shape or size and use advanced technology to ensure that the end product is colourful and life-like as well as lightweight, waterproof and easy to use.

She says that Expand A Sign is on hand to provide not only design advice but also come up with suggestions on how to bring this ultra-powerful advertising medium to life.

“We’ll not only help you decide on size but also help you to ensure that you plan ahead when using your inflatable. For example, will you have enough space to erect it and have enough space for guy ropes and pegs, if you need to use a fan, do you have a power supply close by or would you need a small generator?

The final bonus is that investing in an inflatable from Expand A Sign will not only help your brand but also help others. That’s because waste off-cut fabric from Expand a Sign’s products is used to manufacture items to generate funds for the company’s corporate social investment initiatives called Uzwelo Bags. This enables skills development, uplifts underprivileged communities and helps protect the environment.

For more information, visit www.expandasign.co.za