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[] After weeks of intense deliberation, South Africa’s top 100 brightest young students were announced this week by non-profit initiative Brightest Young Minds (BYM).This year’s chosen delegates are to attend a 7-day conference in Johannesburg, aimed at connecting these future SA leaders with each other, and with some of SA's…
[] April 2006: The prestigious search is on for South Africa's brightest, most dynamic and passionate students who want the all expenses paid networking opportunity of a lifetime. Brightest Young Minds (BYM) have announced the launch of the exciting 2006 search among South Africa's top 14 universities for the country’s…
Wednesday, 09 August 2006 04:00

Review – 34 Long, Cape Town

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[] 34 LONG, 8 August – 9 September 2006 - Don’t miss REVIEW, 34 LONG’s August exhibition, if interesting art is what you are looking for. Aimed at introducing new work from the international circuit in addition to showing selected works from our inventory, the show will have no evening…
[] The Paws and Claws site is focused on people and their pets all over the world. The online community allows owners the opportunity to share opinions and devote pages to their pets. The result is the creation of a loving society of pet owners who can get together and…
[] Dianne Perrett, an international marketing consultant, has launched a new e- workbook, “The Marketing Manual”. This is a tool that will enable anyone, irrespective of his or her marketing knowledge and experience, to produce a concise, practical and effective marketing plan for immediate implementation.
[] Following the tremendous interest in this research generated by the Johannesburg presentation in July and the widespread reference to its findings in the press, Eighty20 will host a Cape Town presentation of its on-going research into the low income market in South Africa.
[] Honorary doctorates are to be bestowed upon the world-renowned playwright, director and actor Athol Fugard, and the lexicographer, Herbert Ernst Wiegand. Stellenbosch University will award the honorary degrees at its graduation ceremony on Thursday 20 April at 16:30.
[] Sithengi has stated that it hopes the win by Tsotsi will result in increased funding from government in this sector but also an increase in investor confidence in the local film industry and the participation of the private sector not only in filmmaking but also in events like film…
Monday, 27 February 2006 04:00

African Co-production Forums Launched

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[] Sithengi partners with European Film Funds, African Film Festivals and Industry Organisations to Launch a New African Co-production Forum (ACF) Initiative. 2006 marks the first year that Sithengi, which organises the Cape Town World Cinema Festival and the Sithengi Film and TV Market, will manage the newly formulated African…
[] The Cape Town World Cinema Festival (CTWCF) will host a film studio at the Design Indaba on 24 and 25 February 2006 bringing an awesome lineup of mostly local films, but at the same time adding a twist of international flavour, to this creative platform.
[] On Thursday 03 August 2006, a first in a series of Urban Policy seminar events, hosted by the Development Bank of Southern Africa and the Urban Renewal and Economic Development (URED) research programme of the Human Sciences Research Council, will begin. These seminars coincide with the launch of the…
Edited By Udesh Pillay, Benjamin Roberts and Stephen Rule and published by the HSRC Press. Public attitudes matter. They matter because they express what people believe, want, fear and prefer. They express the emotional mood of a country. So when three out of four South Africans say they support the…

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