10 June 2024

Local School Celebrates Students and Alumni Achieving SA Records and Colours

Submitted by: Nicola Killops
Local School Celebrates Students and Alumni Achieving SA Records and Colours

The Education Incorporated Private School students have achieved great things in sports and cultural pursuits over the years. These are some of their successes:

Fourways, South Africa (10 June 2024) — Education Incorporated Private School, a small boutique school in Fourways, Northern Johannesburg, is celebrating the success of its students and alumni, many of whom have achieved their provincial colours and set South African records.

The school may be small, but it is filled with big achievers! At the time of writing, there are 62 students from Grade 4 to Grade 12. However, this has allowed each child and teen to reach their fullest potential, which has helped produce an unprecedented number of provincial and national representatives in various competitive sporting and cultural disciplines.

The school has been open for the past 10 years, and in that time, counting both current and past students, 23.44% have represented their province, and 17.19% have been awarded national colours.

Speaking to the school’s impressive competitive track record on the national and international stages, Executive Head and Co-Founder at Education Incorporated, Jacqueline Aitchison, shared how the educators work to ensure the students receive a well-rounded education and support structure to pursue their passions.

“Success manifests differently for each student. As educators, we are responsible for providing support systems that nurture well-rounded individuals equipped to thrive in any situation – from academics to extra-mural activities and personal growth.” – Jacqueline Aitchison

Small School, Big Achievers.

The school has produced such a high percentage of provincial and national competitors in the last decade, and the trend continues with current achievers. The school is celebrating three of its current students, each of whom has achieved fantastic things in their respective disciplines.

  • Lilli Jackson: Dance Across Borders – Her passion has propelled her to international stages in Ireland, Portugal and the US, culminating in a standout showing at the Dance Star World Masters in Croatia. Her mastery in jazz, lyrical and tap, which also won her Senior Gauteng Colours, showcases her as a versatile dance phenomenon.
  • Dylan Shahim: Marksmanship to Global Recognition – His precision in English Sporting Clays has taken him to the World Championships in London, where he secured a place among the top 20 globally while representing South Africa. His achievements include Junior Protea Colours.
  • Nirvan Lachman: Entrepreneurial Innovator—Nirvan’s Pinecone Designs blend creativity with practicality, all driven by his love of Motorsport. His custom 3D prints, “Fidget Fabric,” Pinecone Eyewear, foray into 3D-printed kart parts, and the launch of Pinecone Motorsport with Extreme Karting are testaments to his entrepreneurial spirit and inventive mind.

Alongside celebrating student success, they have also maintained the school’s 100% pass rate for the 2023 Independent Examinations Board (IEB) matric results, this being the eighth consecutive year.

“Academics are critical to us, and we place significant focus on teaching study methods that suit each child’s own learning style.”

“We also view the educational journey as a long-term process of individualised, whole child development, celebrating every victory, regardless of size and fostering a growth mindset where students are encouraged to take risks and explore their passions.”

“We champion diverse interests, encouraging our students to excel beyond the confines of textbooks.”

The strength of Education Incorporated lies in personalised learning within a supportive milieu. It encourages exploration, embraces individuality, and celebrates calculated risks, proving that exceptional talent isn’t confined to a predefined mould.

To find out more about the Education Incorporated approach to learning and achievement, visit https://educationincorporated.co.za/.

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