22 May 2024

Life Retreat Online Classes Relaunched: Practice Anytime, Anywhere!

Submitted by: MyPressportal Team
Life Retreat Online Classes Relaunched: Practice Anytime, Anywhere!

We have had numerous requests to re-open our Life Retreat Online Studio, making it possible for clients to attend classes with our amazing teachers from the comfort of their homes.

We miss having you as part of our community and would love to invite you to join us on your wellness journey. Our online classes offer the flexibility to practice anytime, anywhere, with access to a wide range of recorded sessions and new daily classes.

We offer daily Yoga and Pilates classes that you can attend live as we teach or at a time that suits you best, as all classes are recorded and saved for your convenience.

This is a private Facebook Group exclusively for Life Retreat Members, ensuring a supportive and engaged community.

If you’d like to join and take advantage of these benefits, please click the link below to sign up. We look forward to supporting you on your path to health and well-being.

Once you have signed up we will send you the link to join the Group where you are able to join in live with our classes or catch them up at any time as they will be recorded

Plus we have loads of recorded classes for you to do as you wish on our Group

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