27 March 2024

Wigglewifi Launches a New Era in Hotel Guest WiFi Services with its Concurrent User Pricing Model

Submitted by: Daniel Titton
Wigglewifi Launches a New Era in Hotel Guest WiFi Services with its Concurrent User Pricing Model

Cape Town, South Africa – In a bold move that promises to reshape the hospitality industry’s approach to Guest WiFi services, Wigglewifi has announced the launch of its Concurrent User Pricing model. This innovative feature is poised to significantly reduce operational costs for hotels while delivering a seamless WiFi experience for guests.

The traditional per Access Point (AP) pricing model has long been a standard in the industry, but often leads to inflated costs. Wigglewifi’s Concurrent User Pricing model offers a much-needed alternative that aligns costs with actual usage, ensuring hotels pay only for the WiFi services they actually need.

With a fixed rate of R11.65 (US$ 0.75c) per user per month, and no upper limit to the concurrency numbers, hotels can now precisely tailor Guest WiFi requirements and receive superb quality of service for a fraction of conventional fees. As an example, a 400 concurrent user hotel will enjoy a low monthly cost of just of R4,660 (US$300). This monthly fee includes the myriad of features that Wigglewifi already provides to a host of customers, including branded Splash pages, Multiple PMS integrations, Online Surveys, SMS, email and WhatsApp campaigns, built-in Newsletter creator, Web Filtering, WiFi Marketing, TripAdvisor ratings and our recently launched Digital Guide.

The Founder of Wigglewifi stated, “Our mission at Wigglewifi has always been to empower hotels with the tools they need to provide exceptional services to their Guests and to be able to market their properties. The launch of our Concurrent User Pricing model marks a significant milestone in our journey to innovate and lead in the WiFi service industry. We are thrilled to offer a solution that not only enhances the Guest experience but also provides substantial cost savings for hotels.”

The Concurrent User Pricing model is a testament to Wigglewifi’s commitment to customer satisfaction and industry leadership. By offering a pricing strategy that is both cost-effective and scalable, Wigglewifi is enabling hotels to optimise their WiFi services and improve their bottom line.

This new pricing strategy is expected to have a profound impact on the hospitality industry. Hotels that adopt the Concurrent User Pricing model will be able to offer high-quality WiFi services to their guests without the burden of excessive costs. This approach not only enhances the guest experience but also promotes a more sustainable and efficient use of resources.

Wigglewifi’s Concurrent User Pricing model is now available to hotels seeking to revolutionise their WiFi services. With this innovative pricing strategy, Wigglewifi is setting a new standard for the industry, demonstrating that high-quality WiFi services can be both accessible and affordable.

For more information about Wigglewifi and the features included in the monthly fee, please visit our website or contact our customer service team.

About Wigglewifi: Wigglewifi is a global leader in providing cutting-edge WiFi solutions for the hospitality industry. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and customer service, Wigglewifi is dedicated to helping hotels deliver exceptional connectivity experiences to their Guests.

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