23 May 2024

New Google televisions from Google’s largest partner land in South Africa

Submitted by: Nicola
New Google televisions from Google’s largest partner land in South Africa

QVWi, a Premier Skyworth Brand, has launched their new range of 4K Smart Google TV sets, offering an attractive new proposition for the South African consumer market. 

The physical benefits of these TV sets are obvious. 4K HDR panels, Dolby Digital support, and HDMI 2.1 connections all round make these sets a compelling choice on a pure hardware level. But it’s the software ecosystem that really makes these units stand out. With the ever-evolving technology environment, these Android TVs make sure you are always up to date with the latest app version and features. With these updates your QVWi TV will run smoothly with all new functionalities, ensuring you’re never behind the curve in the entertainment world. 

Just Google it

Each of QVWi’s new range of Cast TV’s are built around the Google TV ecosystem. This is an all-in-one offering that takes your various streaming services - DSTV Stream, Showmax, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Youtube, AppleTV, and Disney+ that are supported locally - and puts them in a single place. 

This means no switching between various apps to find the show or film you desperately want to watch right now. It’s all waiting on the TV’s main screen, accurately curated and served up before you even know what you want to watch tonight. 

This is even more impressive than it sounds since the Google TV system will perform this task for each user on each of these apps. Prefer Apple dramas and Netflix comedy? Without having to search for them, those will turn up first in the Google TV interface but there’s more to it than just mind-reading. 

A curated app store that offers more than 10,000 different apps and services ensure that you’re never bored. Adding profiles to your QVWi TV generates suggestions across the whole spectrum of what’s on offer, from items you’ve watch listed and purchased to suggestions from outside of the norm. 

Just ask

How smart can your TV get? If you’re not talking to it, it’s not smart enough. The Google TV environment embedded in the Cast range from QVWi comes equipped with a couple of smarter features. For starters, there’s integrated Chromecast, a Google technology that allows users to easily transmit from compatible devices to their TV screens. Send images and video from a smartphone to Cast TVs at the touch of a software key. But there are even easier ways to interact with this new hardware. 

Each QVWi Cast TV ships with a wireless Bluetooth remote with integrated voice control. It will search out what you’re looking for on YouTube and other services and will also perform more general web searches and return useful info about your pending drive to work, if needed. 

Google Assistant’s presence means that you’re also able to use QVWi TV’s as a hub for smart home devices. Any of Google’s Nest ecosystem, or one of the many supported products that integrate with Google Nest, can be added and controlled via voice or the TV panel itself. Someone has popped up on your doorbell camera? See who it is without getting off the couch. That’s convenience. 

Stay at home

QVWi’s local presence also mean that a Cast TV combines the very best of international software with the extreme convenience of local after-sales service. That’s just one more reason to look out for these competitively priced sets, available now from selected retailers nationwide.

Learn why you should experience Google TV in its best form today by visiting www.qvwi.com

Currently launched is the 50”, 55” and 65” with 75”, 86” and 100” to be launched soon. Recommended retail selling prices:

QVWI Cast H-50 (50” screen) TV Retails from R6 499

QVWI Cast H-55 (55” screen) TV Retails from R7 499

QVWI Cast H-65 (65” screen) TV Retails from R10 999