01 July 2019

Clothes Line for Care

Submitted by: Grapevine Communications

Johannesburg, 01 July 2019: Those jeans that no longer fit, that scarf you’re no longer in love with, that jersey your aunt gave you and you’ve never worn…and those children’s clothes that are long outgrown. You might not have a use for them, but chances are someone else does. And Steyn City is giving you the chance to hand them over, through our ‘Clothes Line for Care’ initiative.

We’re hosting the ’Clothes Line for Care’ in time for Mandela Day on 18 July. This is a great opportunity to go through your cupboard, haul out the items you no longer need, and deliver them to our Cedar Road gatehouse, where they’ll be collected and hung up by our volunteer staff members. The drop off points will be open between 7am and 5pm on Thursday 18 July, after which the clothes will be distributed by Community Liaison Officers to registered NPOs, homes and creches in need. In line with the stated aims of the Steyn City Foundation, we’re targeting entities in the neighbouring community of Diepsloot.

While summer clothes are, of course, appreciated, we’d love to receive your gently used jerseys, scarves, woolly tights, blankets and thermal vests in all sizes.

Let’s keep the cold at bay this winter!

For more information, visit www.steyncity.co.za