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Wednesday, 15 July 2020 08:41

K-Way Partners with Re:Down to Create Sustainable Winter Apparel

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K-Way Partners with Re:Down to Create Sustainable Winter Apparel

Many consumers are becoming more conscious in their buying decisions, from what they eat to the clothes they wear. As consumers focus on sustainability, they are taking a more ‘back-to-basics’ approach and looking for products that are both long-lasting and environmentally-friendly.

While value-for-money and convenience are still the main drivers of purchasing decisions in South Africa, sustainability is fast becoming a factor, with a handful of brands taking monumental strides in becoming more environmentally conscious and sustainable.  

First brand in Africa to partner with Re:Down

One such brand is K-Way, who’s partnered with Re:Down to create a range of winter apparel that is not only energy efficient in its production but also reduces waste by turning a non-sustainable resource into a sustainable one. 

Re:Down, a company dedicated to re-imagining the world of down, recycles down and feathers extracted from post-consumer goods to be re-used as filling material for new products, including apparel, sleeping bags, bedding products and more. Re:Down’s focus is on zero waste and up-cycles 97% of all raw materials received or collected, so less waste is going into landfills. Re:Down uses the most environmentally friendly methods to recycle down and feathers, including 74% less water compared to virgin down, no chemicals and 3% solar electricity.

In addition to down and feathers, other materials collected and processed include fabric shells, which are chopped into small pieces and end up in non-woven insulation, and broken feathers and down fibres, which are up-cycled into a very efficient organic fertiliser.

This Re:Downrange, which is available at Cape Union Mart stores nationwide, consists of two jackets and two body warmers, perfect for winter and available for both men and women. These winter must-haves are made with a seamless nylon fabrication to prevent down migration and reduce cold spots. This process uses less energy to produce, resulting in an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to fashion. This allows shoppers to truly enjoy outdoor clothing with a conscience.

Lower impact on the environment

According to spokesperson Brendon Le Riche, the vision behind the initiative was to create a range of products that has a lower impact on the environment. This was achieved through the use of Re:Down fill which, together with the production process, reduces energy, post-consumer waste and creates a circular economy in the outdoor apparel industry. “We want our customers to experience true technical K-Way apparel while contributing to the sustainability of our environment.”

Le Riche continues, “In today’s climate, social and environmental responsibility is taken very seriously and Re:Down aims to adhere to that call. Through the production and design of the range, it demonstrates compassion and understanding that our customers care about the planet. More so than ever, they want to make a difference, reduce their carbon footprint and conserve our natural resources. This range provides the consumer with the peace of mind that these garments have a low impact on the environment, allowing them to feel good about buying and wearing the apparel.”

Positively contributing to a sustainable world

Cape Union Mart is also no stranger to sustainability. The company is consistently adopting innovative business practices and have created an exclusive Sustainable Range of men’s and women’s outdoor apparel and footwear. The brand is also an Eco-Logic Awards entrant, which identifies individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute towards a sustainable world.

Le Riche concludes, “We constantly strive to do things better, more ethically and more sustainably. The product range demonstrates forward-thinking that puts the good health of the environment and our local community first, in order to conserve precious resources. By using sustainable upcycled components in the garments, we ensure the longevity of our industry and take the necessary steps to preserve our natural resources for the future well-being of the planet.”

The Re:Downrange is available in Cape Union Mart stores nationwide. Cape Union Mart will launch a Re:Down in-store campaign on 22 June 2020.

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