23 May 2024

Energy Capital & Power (ECP) Denounces African Energies Summit for Co-Opting Invest in African Energy (IAE) 2025 Dates

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The dates for the Invest in African Energy 2025 forum were announced weeks before organizers of the African Energies Summit conspicuously chose overlapping dates

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, May 22, 2024/ -- Energy Capital & Power ( www.EnergyCapitalPower.com ) officially denounces the disruptive and unprofessional behavior of the African Energies Summit organizers in selecting overlapping dates with the Invest in African Energy (IAE) 2025 forum.

On May 9, event organizers ECP launched the official dates for the 2025 edition of the IAE forum as May 14-15, serving as an exclusive forum designed to facilitate investment between African energy markets and global investors. Today – over one week later – Africa Energies Summit in London announced its 2025 dates as May 13-15, deliberately and maliciously overlapping with the dates already announced by ECP.

ECP is disappointed by the behavior of the Africa Energies Summit organizers, who selected these dates with the intent to split audiences and cause confusion between the two events.

The mission of the IAE forum is to connect Africa’s immense hydrocarbon, mineral and renewable resources with the global investment community, with a view to eradicating energy poverty and supporting industrialized growth across the continent. As a result, the forum stands in complete opposition to the practice of confusing potential delegates, co-opting dates and diverting attention from the core issue at hand – investment in African energy.

“We are extremely disappointed to see unprofessional, and frankly, spiteful behavior from a company that claims to promote Africa’s interests, especially after communicating to them the IAE 2025 dates in advance. This behavior is not conducive to the growth of Africa’s energy industry. As a leading advocate for the sector, the Chamber wants to work with people – not against them. Africa wins when people collaborate,” states Sandra Jeque, IAE Conference Director.

Set to run for its third consecutive year, the IAE forum has evolved into Africa’s premier energy project showcase outside of Africa, uniting projects from all four corners of the continent to the global investment stage. IAE 2025 is set to catalyze new sources of capital and continue promoting the role of diversified energy investment in Africa’s energy security and transition.

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SOURCE: Energy Capital & Power