03 August 2023

Kitchenhutt has made procuring wholesale spices and herbs easier

Submitted by: Kitchenhutt Spices

Procuring high-quality spices and pulses has become easier after Kitchenhutt Spices. The company has established itself as one of the leaders in the wholesale spice suppliers in South Africa. The company started in the 2021 year itself and, in such a short time span, has become one of the top options for procuring high-quality spices and herbs in bulk.

One of the major factors behind the company’s quick success is its premium products. We provide more than 45 types of herbs and spices such as whole spices, ground spices, Indian masala blends, and even a variety of pulses. All these agricultural products are procured with keeping the utmost quality consciousness.

The company procures their spices directly from India. For this, they establish direct contact with farmers without keeping any mediator in between. The professionals here conduct an extensive quality check on produce before giving a green signal. They strictly deal with farmers that follow safe agricultural practices and do not use harmful pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

These stringent quality standards make businesses one of the most reliable providers in the market. Currently, We serve various industries, including hospitality businesses, retailers, food manufacturers, healthcare, wellness, and more. The company has been the most sought-after spice supplier in South Africa.

Earlier, these businesses had to rely on overseas exporters to procure quality raw materials for their various products. This was a costlier and time-consuming option. But now, thanks to Kitchenhutt Spices, procuring whole spices, ground spices, spice blends, and pulses has become more accessible and cost-effective for businesses across South Africa.

Visit kitchenhutt.co.za to learn more about the company.

Kitchenhutt Spices

Kitchenhutt is a prominent supplier of various bulk products. Buy bulk Indian spices & pulses, bath hardware accessories & faucets, packaging items, and kitchenware products at affordable wholesale rates in SA.

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