05 October 2023

Africarare Ubuntuland Partners with HAQQ to Innovate Sharia Law Education and Ethical Community Engagement in Mixed Reality

Submitted by: MyPressportal Team

Africarare, the AI-powered mixed reality platform, is set to redefine ethical finance education through a pioneering collaboration with HAQQ. This ethics-first L1 blockchain brings together sustainability-focused developers, validators, open-source contributors, and Muslim innovators in sustainable finance.

This strategic alliance aims to elevate Africarare's immersive experiences within Ubuntuland by seamlessly integrating ethical finance principles with community-driven decentralised technologies. Simultaneously, it bolsters HAQQ's presence in Africa, a burgeoning region for blockchain and cryptocurrency, by empowering local communities through Sharia-compliant financial literacy. 

Africarare's Ubuntuland will host two distinct 12x12 virtual villages, a hallmark of this groundbreaking venture:

  1. Sharia Law Education: A dedicated zone within the virtual villages will offer users immersive encounters with Sharia law within the realm of ethical digital finance. Through interactive AI agents and mixed-reality settings, users will gain a deep understanding of this crucial aspect of financial ethics.
  2. Exhibition Area: Showcasing HAQQ's network partnerships and projects, this virtual space will vividly highlight the global impact and collaborative achievements that HAQQ has garnered over time.
  3. Auditorium for Live Events: A cutting-edge virtual auditorium will be erected to host live events, seminars, product unveilings, and assorted initiatives. This platform will serve as a global stage for thought leadership in ethical digital finance.

Expressing excitement about the partnership, Africarare CEO Mic Mann stated, "Our collaboration with the HAQQ Network is a significant stride towards Futureproofing Africa. It allows us to provide valuable insights and education on Sharia Law and the evolving landscape of the digital economy."

Echoing this sentiment, HAQQ's CEO, Alex Malkov, remarked, "Our partnership with Africarare Ubuntuland marks the establishment of an unparalleled educational hub. Together, we amplify the message of ethical finance and innovation across Africa and beyond. At HAQQ, we remain steadfast in our commitment to driving change while upholding our ethical principles."

The Africarare Ubuntuland and HAQQ partnership ushers in a new era of mixed reality, merging ethical digital finance education with community engagement on a platform engineered to revolutionise learning, connections, and growth within a Sharia-compliant ecosystem.

About Africarare Ubuntuland

Africarare is an inclusive AI-powered web3 platform that enables connection, collaboration and e-commerce amongst individuals, brands, and communities by leveraging AI and mixed reality, uniquely positioned in the high-growth African market. Africarare has a bold vision to serve over a billion people and break barriers by leveraging the power of AI and mixed reality. With a focus on Africa and communities worldwide, Africarare aims to create an inclusive platform that empowers individuals, brands, and communities to unleash their potential. Learn more at www.africarare.io

About HAQQ

HAQQ is an ethics-first L1 blockchain that brings together sustainability-centred developers, validators, open-source contributors, and Muslim innovators in sustainable finance with its native asset - Islamic Coin. As an EVM-equivalent chain built using the Cosmos SDK, HAQQ's innovative technology allows for the seamless deployment of smart contracts from other EVM chains. HAQQ aims to create a fairer, more sustainable financial system by balancing Shariah-compliant philosophy with cutting-edge technology using Shariah Oracle - an on-chain registry of Halal Certificates that assures compliance with Islamic principles. HAQQ ensures that its users interact exclusively with whitelisted Shariah-compliant dApps, minimising unethical or Haram activity within the network. Learn more about HAQQ at haqq.network.