07 June 2023

Penquin Celebrates 23 Years Of Marketing Excellence

Submitted by: El Broide
Penquin Celebrates 23 Years Of Marketing Excellence

Penquin, an integrated marketing agency based in Johannesburg, celebrates an impressive milestone this year – 23 years of being at the forefront of the South African marketing landscape.

Their own journey tells a story which began with a team of creatives managing motor racing teams and hosting events. This all happened while balancing communication with media owners, casinos, and racing teams.

In a post-pandemic, technologically advanced world, Penquin understands how to cut through the noise as a fully-fledged through-the-line ad agency. Penquin’s speciality lies in producing and strategising stories, adding elements of creativity to each brand. The agency tackles everything from above-the-line and below-the-line media and activations, social and digital media, and inbound marketing.

As the brand celebrates this impressive milestone, and looks ahead to the next 23 years, Penquin’s CEO Veronica Moleele unpacks the agency’s journey so far and gives a glimpse of where it is going.

Penquin’s secret super power

The secret of Penquin’s success lies in discovering the meat and bones of each brand they work with. It’s about what happens behind the scenes. The agency unpacks each campaign as and how it happens. They get to know and understand what every brand and product offers, and how, what, and where the heart beats strongest.

Penquin’s creative journey spans 23 years, growing exponentially both in clients and team members. They now have a team of over 60 which is far cry from the original six-man operation they once were, servicing top global and local brands.

Penquin has brought products and services to life by digging and delving into what makes each one tick. It’s about the passion and the history that lies behind every business. They understand it's all about individuality and discovering more about the niche product and industry. Penquin continues to weave its magic by getting stories heard, cutting through the noise and clutter in a busy world.

Why Penquin stands out

Penquin shines brightly because of their uniqueness! As a results-driven agency, they know how to delve deeply into data to ensure they hit the sweet spot, attracting qualified audiences. They achieve this through measurable work, and constantly tweaking and refining campaigns and content. It’s all about the passion in everything they do. Clients' successes hold testament to the fact that they use and buy the products and services their clients offer.

A look back at some memorable campaigns

Penquin’s CEO, Veronica Moleele, celebrates 15 years at Penquin this year and has worked on several memorable campaigns. One of her most memorable campaigns was the Suzuki Swift Sport launch. This campaign showcased a rent-a-crowd TV commercial with the current Suzuki owners in a Braveheart-style call to arms.

Another memorable campaign was the emotional ‘You Make Joburg Great’ campaign which had fans reaching for the tissues, uniting people from all walks of life before the FIFA World Cup.

Finally, for Xbox’s ‘Light Up The Leo’ campaign, Penquin lit up the Leonardo building in Sandton – the tallest building in Africa. During this campaign, the more entries they received, the more the Leonardo building in Sandon lit up in green. A breathtaking, unforgettable and exciting campaign for all concerned.

And for the next 23+ years…

Veronica adds that she is excited for the future of Penquin and is looking forward to break boundaries in the industry by delivering exceptional results in the years ahead. “At Penquin, we see ourselves as the forerunners of brilliance and we want to create even more unforgettable campaigns in the years to come. Our vision is one of growth which includes both clients and team members”.

Veronica believes that enriching the lives of all concerned is important and that the more the merrier is where the future of Penquin lies. “Our dream is to create more job opportunities for the people of South Africa and to enrich our teams’ lives,” Veronica continues adding that the sky is the limit when it comes to the future of Penquin. “We would like to expand deeper into the continent and possibly even globally. Who knows, maybe the agency will one day become a listed business. It’s all about longevity, telling stories, and dreaming big.”