Terms & Conditions for our Press Release Writing Service

This price is subject to the following terms

  • Costs are valid for 28 days from the date above.
  • Costs are subject to requote should the scope of the work change or it becomes clear that the actual time required to do the work is significantly more/less than estimated.
  • Costs exclude expenses and inter-city travel time. Local travel time will not be charged for.
  • VAT is not chargeable as ARMedia is not VAT registered.
  • A 10% handling fee will be charged on all third-party expenses. All third party expenses to be agreed in writing.
  • Payment terms: 50% in advance and 50% on completion.
  • Costs are subject to the ARMedia terms and conditions that follow.


ARMedia Media Terms and Conditions

  1. Scope of work
    1. The scope of work is as per the above notes and subject to the above assumptions.
    2. Should the scope of work change in any way, this estimate is subject to revision and this additional work will not be undertaken until the Client has approved the revised estimate.

  2. Payment
    1. Clients are required to pay ARMedia as per the payment schedule outlined in the cost estimate above. ARMedia reserves the right to suspend work or withhold material should the Client be in breach of the payment schedule until such time as the Client rectifies the situation.
    2. TimelinesWork will commence on receipt of this signed contract and 50% deposit First draft will be sent to Client within 10 working days of completion of information gathering form.
    3. A speedy response from the Client during the review process will ensure a streamlined finalisation and publication on Mypressportal process.

  3. Confidentiality
    1. All work undertaken by ARMedia shall be confidential, until such time as the material becomes available in the public domain.
    2. The Client gives ARMedia permission to use this work in order to promote ARMedia (e.g. in a portfolio).

  4. Ownership of material
    1. All content created, written, edited and managed by ARMedia remains the property of the Client, unless otherwise negotiated in writing.
    2. The Client is to provide ARMedia with a copy of the final execution of work (e.g. advert, brochure, etc.) and allows ARMedia to use this for portfolio purposes unless otherwise advised in writing by the Client.

  5. Cancellation
    1. Should the Client be unable to keep their commitment and the above project is cancelled or postponed indefinitely, the Client shall be liable to reimburse ARMedia in full for any work done up to that point, as well as an additional cancellation fee of 30% of the remaining value of the project.