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Friday, 09 February 2007 18:01

Wacky storytelling competition in maze

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{pp}The story teller who tells the best story about The Dutchman with bicycle in maze wins a bottle of Bon Cap wines (of organically grown grapes). This is one of the many highligths which are taking place during the Wacky Wine Weekend in Robertson the first weekend of June.
During the Wacky Wine Weekend visitors of Soekershof Walkabout (Mazes & Botanical Gardens; 'family entertainment with an educational difference') have the opportunity to taste wines of Bon Cap Winery which is the only organic winery in South Africa which saw its  wines awarded with Michelango stars.

As the grapes of Bon Cap also the succulent plants in the gardens and own nursery of Soekershof are cultivated in a sustainable manor without the application of fertilisers and chemicals. Neither will Soekershof sell cacti with plastic flowers as some nurseries and other retail outlets do.

Except for the story telling contest the program of Soekershof consists of live demonstrations of local craftspeople; the launch of an own clothing line; the renewed display of the own nursery with collectors items and more novelties.
Visitors will have the opportunity to obtain a typical Dutch picnic besides the normal admission fee.

The Wacky Wine Weekend program of Soekershof is an addition to the own program of Bon Cap.
A bottle of wine can be won during each morning, afternoon and evening session.
The final program will be announced in March by Soekershof Walkabout in co-junction with Bon Cap Winery.

More info:
Bon Cap:

Contact Details:
Soekershof Walkabout - Mazes & Botanical Gardens

Klaas Voogds West, P.O. Box 291, Robertson 6705, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)23 626 4134
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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