Thursday, 24 June 2021

Lindfield Victorian House Museum opens Museum Shop

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Lindfield Museum

The Lindfield Victorian House Museum, the iconic niche-museum in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, proudly announced that it has opened the Lindfield Emporium at the museum. The Lindfield Emporium is a Victorian-style department store selling all sorts of very interesting collectables. The shop also has a Victorian photographic studio complete with an authentic hand-painted photo-backdrop. The backdrop has been expertly painted by Pierre Roestorf, an associate of the museum.

“It has always been a dream of mine to add a shop to the museum allowing visitors to purchase something special that would remind them of the museum and the Victorians. The shop immerses the visitor in the Victorian era, resulting in a deeply authentic and rewarding experience.” said Katharine Love, owner and curator of the museum.

The shop is open to anybody that completes a booked tour. It is also open by appointment, for those who want to experience the shop without doing a museum tour first. The Lindfield Emporium has a fancy goods department, a pharmacy, groceries and confectionery, drapery and haberdashery, books, toys, an office and even a post office counter. Naturally, some items are for display only.

Leon Erasmus, an associate of the museum, added that the private access to the shop will certainly enhance anyone’s visit to the museum as the shop is a very faithful recreation of a typical Victorian store.

About the museum: The Lindfield Victorian House Museum is a living museum with the owner and curator, Katharine Love, living in the house as well as overseeing the day-to-day running of the museum. The house is meticulously set up as it would have been when a Victorian family lived there.

Contact: Katharine Love, Curator Lindfield Victorian House Museum
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