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An exciting journey begins at the turn of a key

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An exciting journey begins at the turn of a key

The snacks are packed, tank filled and kids strapped in. All that’s left is to turn the key and hit the road to a weekend filled with boat rides, braai’s and besties.

While this sounds like a great way to enjoy the weekend away, a faulty battery could end it all quickly.

Trust the battery brand that makes journeys better

When it comes to your car, boat, caravan or truck, you need a battery that provides the following;

  • Reliability: When considering a battery, reliability is key. From cold-starts to powering up all electronics, the battery should do so without a hitch. In addition, reliable car batteries have longevity of five to seven years and require very little maintenance.
  • Efficiency: The car battery is important to keeping the rest of your car running smoothly and efficiently. The slightest damage to the battery could result in additional fuel expenses, onboard computer damage or battery draining activity that means frequent jumpstarts.
  • Safety: Manufactured in a facility that focuses on safety, some locally manufactured batteries are maintenance-free, meaning you never have to check the distilled water level, or constantly clean the terminals from corrosion.
  • Recyclable: Batteries contain lead, acid, sulphur and other hazardous materials, and need to be disposed correctly. Some South African manufacturers have a recycling plant where this is done and up to 95% of old batteries are recycled.

A range of batteries for road vehicles, off-road vehicles and boats

Whether you love the feeling of a long road trip, the thrill of a rugged offroad trail or riding the waves with your boat, there’s a reliable, locally manufactured battery just for you.

To find an Exide stockist near you, make use of the easy-to-use store locator.

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First National Battery is South Africa’s leading lead acid battery manufacturer for industries and applications ranging from automotive (including industrial, commercial and passenger vehicles), mining, railway and renewable energy to surface traction, telecommunications and standby battery solutions. Their vehicle battery solutions are trusted by all leading car manufacturers in South Africa. They produce more than 2.2 million batteries each year and export their leading solutions to more than 40 countries.

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT CONTACT ANNIE HODES ON 083 325 4445 OR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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