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Wednesday, 22 April 2020 17:37

BMDM announces new show - About the Winelands

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BMDM announces new show - About the Winelands

Digital Marketing group BMDM, announced a new Winelands chat show and podcast - About the Winelands.

The show hosts businesses in the Winelands such as Wine Estates, Restaurants, Tour Operator and other winelands influencers and organisations,  chatting to them about their winelands journeys, stories, challenges and their vision for the future.Recent shows featured, amongst other prominent estates such as Zevenwacht Wine Estate and Warwick Estate.

BMDM noted that their show is in response to current market trends as well as an increased move to digital platforms because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

About the Winelands is a collaboration between, Bitmedia24, Visit the Winelands and BMDM

The show is published every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday and is featured on Youtube, Facebook, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify and others.

The Cape Town WInelands
The Cape Winelands has a viticultural history dating back to the 1650’s when the Dutch first settled in South Africa in 1652. The Dutch set up a port to provide fresh food and water to the passing ships of the Dutch East India Company, and wine farms started to emerge, producing wine that could be used to ward off scurvy for sailors continuing on their voyages along the spice route. The Cape Winelands is a spectacular region which is made up of three main wine-areas; Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl.

From: -

About:  Visit the WInelands - Visit the Winelands is a digital marketing agency focussed on servicing clients in the WInelands

About: Bitmedia24 - BitMedia is a media company covering human life bit by bit. We cover the bits of lives which are most important to us, those being Health, Wealth, Relationships, Personal Development and Lifestyle.

About BMDM - BMDM is a digital media group involved in online publishing, digital marketing, social media, public relations and consulting.

BMDM also produces the following shows 

Earth Chats

Maker Chats

SIde Hustle

Meet 360


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BMDM Digital

BMDM is a digital media group involved in online publishing, digital marketing, social media, public relations and consulting. Website: -

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