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Tuesday, 17 March 2020 07:31

Corona Virus impact on South African visa applications and extensions (16 March 2020)


The South African Government has taken some steps to deal with the Corona Virus outbreak as below. 

As far as travelers, visa holders and visa applicants go, a few situations may arise in the near future. 

Travelers from affected countries may have their visa applications delayed or cancelled, to prevent travel from these countries to South Africa ( Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, the UK and China); 

Foreign travelers who have been through any high-risk country in the last 20 days will be denied a South African Visa; South Africans who have traveled through a high risk country in the last 20 days will be subjected to testing, self-isolation or quarantine on their return to South Africa;

Travelers from medium risk countries such as Portugal, Honk Kong, and Singapore, will be required to undergo testing;

All travelers who have entered South Africa from high-risk countries since mid-February will be required to present themselves for testing; 

There will be strengthened surveillance, screening and testing measures at OR Tambo, Cape Town and King Shaka International Airports South Africa has 72 ports of entry in the country which are land, sea and airports.Of the 53 land ports, 35 will be shut down with effect from Monday 16 March. Two of the 8 sea ports will be closed for passengers and crew changes. 

Effective immediately, all non-essential travel for all spheres of government outside of the Republic is prohibited. We further discourage all non-essential domestic travel, particularly by air, rail, taxis and bus. Please engage us directly on your own application if you have questions. We will keep you posted of developments, should anything change. You are encouraged to visit your country’s official travel advisory, together with updated airline information regarding intended flight destinations and transiting countries. 

The full text of the President’s speech is at

Enquiries to: Leon Isaacson
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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