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The ins and outs of public transport while traveling abroad

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The ins and outs of public transport while traveling abroad

Using public transport in a foreign country can be a bit daunting if you don’t know your way around the transport services provided. Chubb Travel Insurance offers some practical tips when using public transport that will have you commuting like a local in no time.

  • Luggage – keep it light and practical.  If it’s just a day visit, a sling bag or a backpack is perfect. As a word of caution, make sure any zips on your backpack are locked so that you can’t be pick-pocketed. If you are catching an underground train from the airport to your destination, an oversized bag will prove a nightmare during the rush-hour traffic. Pack light, think small and be practical.

  • Be safe – do your research beforehand. Before jumping into the nearest taxi, make sure you know what an official taxi looks like in the country you’re in and what the average tariffs are. It’s easy for criminals to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists.  You can find information online about the transport options available in a foreign country and how each mode of transport works.  Where possible, speak to locals on forums to find out what they recommend.  Make use of credible online travel platforms to get honest reviews from travellers who have been there and can provide first-hand experience.

  • Get covered for any medical emergency – A medical emergency while travelling abroad could derail your plans and also prove to be a very costly exercise.  It is essential to have travel insurance in place that covers any medical emergencies and provides support and on-the-ground assistance in a time of crisis.

  • Take care of your belongings – When travelling, lock your important documents such as your passport, cash and jewellery away in the hotel safe or lockable cupboard. Keep all the items you need with you and double check to make sure you have packed away everything safely when you leave.  Keep travel documents and other valuables on your person and do not pack them in your luggage.

  • Motion sickness - if you’re a queasy traveller, then you know that a bus trip or extended car or train ride could add a little green to your complexion. Keep your tried and trusted travel medication handy – now is not the time to experiment with different meds - and prepare beforehand to manage any symptoms.  Where possible, choose the travel option that has the least impact on your motion sickness.

  • Reading material - hopefully your travels are exciting and keep you occupied, but if you’re using public transport you may spend some time waiting.  Keep a book or your Kindle handy when you need to pass the time.

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