Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Impact at Vredefort Dome

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Now now Lucy, not so close!!

 Did you ever imagine that you could see myriads of stars - very close to the city of Joburg?   Well, Our Refresh Holidays group arrived in the little nature reserve called Morala outside Parys, where we experienced the most amazing quiet, and could see the stars blanketing the velvety night-shy above us.

Coming from the city, we are used to pace, and noise, and bustle, but here we experienced the relaxation that comes with what our lives were meant to look like, out in Creation.

Our little group wandered slowly amongst the Nyala, Impala, and Zebra, and even raced an ostrich up a road.  She was a very friendly ostrich called Lucy, and of course we did not win, but what a beautiful sight to behold watching her gracefully swallowing up the earth in one step. A smoother run could not be imagined.

We also found out loads of interesting facts about the area – how the majestic black streaks in local rocks were formed through the meteorite impact; how the hills of gold formed; and what the Stone Age building-remnants represented.  What is more, a local farmer told us all about the flora and fauna in the area, with some fascinating tidbits about insects.

Being a Christian Holiday company, we also had time to get to know each other well, and to enjoy each other’s company in a deep and refreshing way.  What is more, we had some time in the Bible together, and it was just what the doctor ordered!!

Glynnis Jeffries, one of the weekenders, commented: “It was surprising how lovely the holiday was.  The scenery was beautiful, we found out interesting facts about the area, and the Bible engagement was not too structured.  What is more, you could also have some alone-time as well as enjoying other people.”

The tour was such a success that the participants requested another – in the form of a Mystery Tour.  And so we are going to enjoy what South Africa has to offer.  See

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