Thursday, 15 September 2011

Telfree pioneers a PBX system with wings

Telfree announces the launch of its no-fuss cloud-hosted PBX system, Office Connection. Being a virtual switchboard in the clouds, the sky is now literally the limit for businesses.  Created by Telfree, Office Connection delivers an end-to-end fully integrated desk, office, mobile, voice, SMS and fax communication solution.  It gives businesses ‘next generation’ flexibility and freedom at exceptionally good rates.

With starting packages at R350.00 per month for five staff, Office Connection is not only really affordable but customers will struggle to find a more seamless and integrated solution in South Africa.

Giant step for unified communications

From the small business entrepreneur to the large-scale enterprise, Office Connection is ideal for organisations that need comprehensive, professional, flexible and affordable communication solutions.  This pioneering switchboard system allows users to make and receive calls, send and receive SMSes and faxes all from one office number no matter where they are in the country or abroad. 

Usually an additional cost to traditional PBXs, cost management and financial visibility are basic components of Office Connection, giving transparent real-time cost analysis, including easy-to-read graphs and the ability to set budgets for particular staff, divisions and the overall company.

The principal advantages of this new system when compared with traditional PBX systems are:

  • Lower cost:  virtually no capital expenditure, no hardware maintenance costs, low call costs to all other service providers, free inter-branch calls and instant access to new features
  • Office Connection provides an individual ‘virtual office’:   whether working at home, at the office or on the move, users are not bound to a physical PBX.  Companies can connect staff on one phone system regardless of where they are.
  • Superior Scalability:  pay for what you use now, increase or decrease extensions when required and there is virtually no limitation to growth
  • Greater Stability and Ease of Use: plug and play, no on-site work for changes, upgrades or maintenance.  Telco-based stable systems maintained by highly skilled personnel.  Ability to manage simple changes online 24/7.
  • Higher Productivity:  one office number on all phones, complete mobility and reachability, voicemail to email conversion, sending of SMSes and faxes from your computer with replies possible to the sending number.  Never miss that important call again, with ‘follow me’!
  • Improved overall communications expense management:  instant per-call reporting built in on extensions and at division level. Limit expenditure by setting budgets online.                                                                    

Businesses can create and control their own telecoms environment

Delivering everything expected of a traditional on-site office telephony system and much more, Office Connection has been custom built to provide the necessary tools to help meet ever-changing business challenges.   It has low set-up and running costs; it has wide flexibility and configurability through a simple web interface with ‘drag and drop’ features to give 24/7 control; it connects dispersed office-bound, mobile and home workers under one telephone system.  Office Connection is delivering a kind of seventh heaven for businesses, or at least certainly something they could only have dreamed of in the past.

Telfree offers short-term contracts only to ensure that its customers ‘only stay if they are happy’.

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