Thursday, 26 November 2020

Mia Telecoms’ Gigabyte Wi-Fi Node Mesh - An Affordable Wireless Network Bundle for SMEs

The Gigabyte Wi-Fi Node Mesh Bundle from Mia Telecoms

Wi-Fi Connectivity - What's Slowing Your Business Down?

There are many reasons why a business's Wi-Fi network may be slow or why users may experience "dead zones" in certain areas of a building. Aspects such as a weak router, firmware that's not up to date, walls that are too thick, repeaters that are not up to standard, frequency interference, or a slow internet connection all play a part in a company or home's internal wireless network performance.

With wireless access (and the technologies that are associated with it), improving rapidly each year, and the growing need for users in your organisation requiring quick access anywhere, it's easy to be caught in a depreciated tech trap. To compound the issue, the vast choices and spectrum of products available can be overwhelming, especially for SMEs who don't have a dedicated IT specialist in-house.

In most cases, the lack of performance and speed of on-premise connectivity in South Africa can be attributed to hardware in particular. With this in mind, Mia Telecoms has grouped together a top-performing, bundle to assist small to medium enterprises get ahead of the curve with their latest Gigabyte Wi-Fi Node Mesh Package.

Wireless Solutions for SMEs

The deal includes a Huawei B818 Cat 19 MIMO Router (Dual Band, LTE, Wi-Fi), 2 x Mesh 1.2 Gigabyte Access Points and a MTN Fixed LTE SIM for internet access, data and voice calls. This combination ensures seamless roaming anywhere in or outside your home or small business office, it includes affordable top up data and voice packages (sold separately) that can be purchased anytime - according to what you and your employees use. The system is easy to configure and is also scalable for larger environments via additional nodes.

The current package is available at a once-off flat rate of R2 800 excluding V.A.T - an affordable option for any business that wants to upgrade their current Wi-Fi network.

With remote working from home, or scaling down to smaller offices becoming the norm, Mia Telecoms' Gigabyte Wi-Fi Node Mesh Package, could well be the catalyst in better productivity and getting your business back on track.

For more info, Call Deepika or Robyn on 011 799 7720 / 011 012 2400. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

About Mia Telecoms

Mia Telecoms was established in 1997 and are Internet connectivity, VoIP, digital telephone, cloud PBX, office automation and data cabling specialists - focusing on mobile telecommunications. They have a nationwide franchise network of authorized dealers who have extensive experience in SME telecommunications. They cover all major towns and cities across South Africa as well as regions in Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Nigeria, Kenya, and Mauritius, Zimbabwe - with recent expansion into Angola, Tanzania and Mozambique. Being a wholesaler, their target market is dealers and small to medium businesses looking for cost-effective telecom solutions.

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