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Amid the coronavirus outbreak, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Sunday night that South Africa has the “knowledge, means and resources” to defeat the disease. One vitally important resource is providing no data cost access to the official SA coronavirus website for all South Africans thanks to the biNu #datafree Platform.

#datafree access to the website via allows all South Africans to discover the latest information, resources, and stats on coronavirus. The biNu #datafree Platform is powering digital inclusion by removing the barrier of cost to accessing the official COVID-19 website, which is beneficial in the spread of facts and to prevent false information circulating. is available on any device across all mobile network operators, no airtime is deducted, and it can be accessed with SIM cards that have no airtime or data balance.

The biNu #datafree platform allows rich mobile experiences by removing the data cost barrier to engaging mobile users and bridging the digital divide. Whether organisations are connecting with employees, customers or communities, going #datafree increases user engagement and broadens mobile audience reach.

“At biNu we wanted to contribute to and support the country in this time of need so we made #datafree access available to the official SA coronavirus website through our reverse billed data agreements with mobile network operators, which translates to biNu paying the data cost instead of mobile subscribers,” comments Gour Lentell, CEO biNu.

The biNu #datafree Platform sees data costs reverse billed to businesses and enterprises in the same fashion as toll-free numbers have been for decades, just now in the digital realm.

Make your preferred source for updated information and statistics, with the benefit of it being #datafree.

biNu also distributes the #datafree Moya Messenger app with over 1 million daily active users in South Africa that includes a range of additional coronavirus information and resources in its “Discover” tab, at no data cost.

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