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Mobax signs keyagreement with Radwin as South Africa looks towards the gig economy

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Johannesburg, Gauteng. Mobax has recently signed a key partnership agreement with Radwin to roll out Radwin’s comprehensive portfolio of Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point wireless broadband solutions to its extensive base of telecommunication network operators and corporate clients.  

It is no secret that South Africa faces one of the biggest economic crises in its history. Government is struggling to ramp up economic growth as the public calls on the President to resolve the unemployment situation. 

In his state of the nation address, President Cyril Ramaphosa stressed the importance of small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) as key enablers of the South African economy. Historically SMMEs have had limited access to affordable, reliable internet connections which has in many cases hampered their growth.  

Gerhard Bezuidenhout, Managing Director of Mobax stated: “Radwin has an exciting portfolio of solutions that will enable us to implement fibre-like broadband connectivity to deliver high-value services to our extensive customer-base. This partnership leverages upon RADWIN’s wireless broadband technology and the professionalism and high-quality engineering capabilities of Mobax to deliver advanced fixed wireless solutions to existing network operators and corporate clients as well as a broad scope of new potential customers.” 

Another day at the office

The partnership between Mobax and Radwin will offer key assistance to companies who are gearing themselves up to become active participants in the gig economy. While this is an important project, Bezuidenhout points out that this project is well within Mobax’s capabilities and that the company has successfully rolled out similar projects in the past.

“Mobax is one of the country’s leading telecommunication companies specialising in end-to-end solutions for the consumer. As the country moves towards the gig economy, access to a stable internet connection is paramount. This project with Radwin has the potential to open up cutting edge technologies, including 5G, to the consumer and could go a long way in improving the country’s telecommunication infrastructure,” said Bezuidenhout. 

Massive onboarding

The partnership between Mobax and Radwin comes off the back of a long-standing relationship between the companies and will be rolled out on a continuous basis.  

Paul Serfontein, Head of Engineering Services for Mobax, pointed out that initially, the current partnership agreement between Mobax and Radwin will offer connectivity to 8 000 clients. However, there are plans for aggressive expansion.

“The initial offering will be aimed at enterprise customers. However, the services can be expanded to include SMMEs as we will be expanding on an existing infrastructure and not building an entirely new network. There is a possibility for Radwin to partner with companies in order to offer its services to the regular consumer without building infrastructure to support this,” said Serfontein.    

Corporate duty

While government has indicated that it will be specifically focusing on improving the country’s telecommunications infrastructure to make access to the internet a reality for all South Africans, it is the duty of corporate South Africa to do their part to support this. 

“Mobax fully supports governments intentions to improve the country’s telecommunications infrastructure. If we can play a role in this, we will and we are confident that this agreement with Radwin will make significant strides towards achieving this ideal,” said Bezuidenhout.   

About Mobax 

Mobax South Africa (MSA) was established in 2007 and its Headquarters is in Irene, Gauteng. MSA’s core business is the supply of Professional Telecommunications Services and Products to the South African market.

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