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Zoom Your Way into the Film Industry

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The ZOOMEO 1000 - be seen, be heard.

The Media Industry is growing at a phenomenal rate. Not everyone has access to this and stories are becoming limited and redundant. Improving the access to technology and skills within the country is the way forward. How do we reach these people and communities? As a media company with a strong focus on morality we have aimed our vision at improving the lives of communities. The question that every person, not in the loop, has to ask is 'HOW?'

How do we start? How do we produce? How do we shoot? How do we market? Class Act Media has answered all these questions and a whole lot more in their new offering "the ABC of Filmmaking in South Africa" (Hardcopy), A Dolly, A jib, Dolly Tracks, A gimbal, A usb containing information and software, Mobile attachments - ALL IN A BOX. (The ZOOMEO 1000) Simply go to and place your order. 

The film industry contributes R2. 5-billion ($360-million) a year to the Gauteng economy. 80% of the over 150 registered producers in South Africa are based in Gauteng. Gauteng is home to approximately 70% of all South African TV productions - seven out of the top 10 SA TV shows are Gauteng-based; whilst the cost of tertiary education in Filmmaking can go up to R150 000 per year (Minimum 3 years). The cost of our box is R4 999.00

We are proudly KZN and have an impressive profile that you can view on our site. 

"I was giving a talk to emerging filmmakers in the Midlands area when I realised that all I am saying is of no use. People need practical knowledge and gear to get going and to start telling stories. We needed to come up with a way that speaks directly to creatives. People need to be equipped to tell their stories their way. So we have taken our years of industry experience and crammed it into a neat box"

This product is made by South Africans and for South Africans. To keep costs low we have taken a decision to provide these packages from factory to door (No Middle Man) at no cost to the client for delivery. Sales to the rest of Africa will only open up once we are satisfied that our product has made a substantial impact on the industry in the Republic. The box is marked for use by ages 12 years and up. The information and gear can get you started with your first project within 3 days. So make that move and improve your life. You can create your own Youtube Studio, create documentaries, produce short films and music videos. You can even approach small business to do adverts. So this is education and business. You can start earning immediately.    

Class Act Media (PTY) Ltd

A media company that focuses on building brands using video and the internet.

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