Tuesday, 06 March 2018

Thembu Royals magazine reaches access to 35million + Readers Worldwide

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March 2018 Magazine Cover

It is with great pleasure to announce that Thembu Royals Magazine is now also sold at international platforms. Thembu Royals Magazine is a South African Premier Business Magazine.Our international distributor www.magzter.com has exposed our magazine to more than 35 ( thirty five) million readers all over the world. We are grateful for this achievement. This will help us to advertise all the products that are under our umbrella to reach millions of consumers world wide.

This will also further assist us to incorporate more players as we have already issued out adverts for different vacancies that have arisen as a result of this expansion. This also helps us to reach more potential investors who will take part in the Industrialization Program that we are pursuing currently in the Eastern Cape Province.
We have highlighted below the simplest methods that one can use to acquire this Premier Business Magazine.

How to acquire the magazine;

If you want to buy from the distributor, there are two methods.

Method 1;
Simply click this icon:

This icon takes you directly into the magazine.
Once you are there, at the bottom of the Cover Page there is "PREVIEW". Click "PREVIEW" to read about 6 free pages. This will help you to decide that what you want to buy is genuine.

Then see the price lists on the right hand side, then decide which option you want to choose.
That is it.

Method 2;

Click on this icon;


Then click on MAGAZINES ICON ( next to ARTICLES ICON)

When MAGAZINES opens up see where it says "What would you like to read today".Then type "THEMBU ROYALS MAGAZINE". The magazine will come out.

Once the Cover Page comes out, see at the bottom it says "PREVIEW". Click "PREVIEW" to read about 6 free pages. This will help you to decide that what you are buying is genuine.
Then visit the price list on the right hand side, and choose the options that you like.

That is it.

Method 3;
With this method you buy directly from us, the Publishers.

Click this icon;

Once you are on the site
Click on "Become a Member". Then register by simply filling the required information. The site will guide you once you do this.


Best Regards
Thembi Qondy Tembe[Ms]

Director: Stakeholder Relations