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Monday, 07 January 2008 11:17

Hope for abandoned Babies

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There is a disturbing increase in the number of abandoned and orphaned babies, not only here in South Africa, but right across the world. One news feed that we saw recently stated; In 2005, 1,000,000 children in South Africa had lost both of their parents or their sole known parent -- usually their mother. by 2010 that figure is expected to reach as high as 3 million. While it is near impossible to know the actual number, here in the Umhlathuze Municipality, at least 30 babies were delivered to the Maternity Hospital last year alone. That is 30 more little lives than there should have been. However, there is now Hope for Abandoned Babies emanating from a startup organization called iKhaya LikaBaba, who are awaiting their non-profit status but have already taken in their first two babies.

The name iKhaya LikaBaba is a zulu phrase which means "house of the Father". Its inception and creation took place in the hearts of a group of caring individuals from Thandaza Covenant Church who, when confronted with the reality caused by the onslaught of HIV/AIDS on families and the hopelessness of poverty - saw a need to create an alternative; a place where abandoned babies and AIDS orphans could find a place of shelter and much love, a home where these precious children could know love and be cared for in the way that they deserve.

Sean and Melanie Grant are the first of what is hoped will be an escalating number of house-parent couples, who take these precious little creations into their own home, with care-givers assisting them and under the authority and direction of a mature and dynamic management team, aim to to help find "forever families" for these children either through adoption or foster care. The home is therefore not an orphanage but a transition home.

They also work closely together with the Child Welfare who places these babies in their care as the need arises. Two beautiful babies have been placed with them and are they are able to care for up to 6 babies as a cluster foster home.

The organisation is in need of volunteers, donations and supplies. The website is where information is updated on an almost daily basis and where the events of the home are recorded, written or photographed. If you would like to get involved through volunteering, adoption, donations, corporate social investment opportunities, please contact;

Contact Details:
iKhaya Likababa on 035- 772 4557
or Mel 079 893 8665
or Sean 082 5777 340

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