Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Practical Guidance In-house Adviser aims to enrich corporate legal teams

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LexisNexis South Africa, a leading provider of content and technology solutions for the legal and professional markets, has released a ninth practice area in its intuitive Practical Guidance online solution.  

Practical Guidance In-house Adviser aims to equip in-house legal counsel, risk managers, company secretaries and project managers with not only technical information, but also insight that better enables them to influence stakeholders and effectively manage teams.   The solution’s extensive taxonomy covers seven main topics in critical areas such as Legal Resource Management for In-house Lawyers, Business Skills and Getting the Deal Through.  

The Practical Guidance offering from LexisNexis is an online interface with dynamic search functionality linking users to guidance notes, commentary, legislation, case law, forms, precedents, checklists and other resources, all in one place and at their fingertips.   Chantelle Maree, Practical Guidance manager at LexisNexis South Africa, said the new practice area would complement existing ones available for Business Law and Corporate Governance.  

“Its content is authored in the UK, but tailored for the South African market by local authors, with additional practical aids such as business continuity plans, policy documents and electronic handbooks,” she says.  

There are also anecdotes from global leaders, who share their experiences in creating legal teams, dealing with change and lessons learned.  

Maree adds: “Practical Guidance  has tremendous value especially among professionals and firms who might not have the time and resources to sift through reams of information in order to stay up to date with the latest legal developments and opinions.”  

Included in the latest practice area are invaluable Doing Business Guides, which aim to make it effortless to conduct business in key global jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, United States of America, Brazil, Canada, China and many others.  

To date, nine Practical Guidance practice areas are available for Business Law, Labour, Labour Public Sector, Income Tax, VAT, Corporate Governance, Civil Procedure, Family Law and In-house Adviser. All content is written by experts in each field.  

For more information on the Practical Guidance series, which is fully integrated with the MyLexisNexis deep research library, visit

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