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Thursday, 27 September 2007 10:19

World-Class Secondary School Seeks South Africa’s Most Outstanding Young Leaders

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{pp}African Leadership Academy (ALA), a world-class, pan-African secondary boarding school located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, has announced that it is recruiting young leaders ages 15-17 from across South Africa for its inaugural class. ALA also announced today the creation of the “Cisco Scholars” program, which will provide scholarships for young leaders from disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

“We are looking for South Africa’s most promising young leaders – girls and boys – to join our inaugural class,” says African Leadership Academy Dean Christopher Khaemba. “Entry into the Academy will be based on merit alone, without regard to each student’s financial means. African Leadership Academy’s extensive scholarship fund seeks to enable all qualified students to attend.”
The Cisco South Africa Education Trust will fund scholarships at African Leadership Academy for “Cisco Scholars” from disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Cisco Scholars will include boys and girls beginning with the inaugural class that enters ALA in September 2008, and will be funded for both years of their ALA education.

The Cisco South Africa Education Trust was created by Cisco as part of its vision of participating in the socioeconomic transformation of emerging markets around the globe.

African Leadership Academy seeks to transform Africa by developing and supporting future generations of leaders in Africa’s public, private, and social sectors. ALA will select its first class of 100 students from across the African continent by April 2008, and admitted students will begin their two years at the Academy in September 2008. At ALA, students will complete an innovative two-year program that combines world-class ‘Advanced-level’ academic training with a unique curriculum in leadership, entrepreneurship, and African studies. ALA graduates will attend the world’s finest universities and will ultimately form a powerful, pan-African network of individuals committed to creating peace and prosperity on the continent.

ith its accomplished student body and unique curriculum, African Leadership Academy will be unlike any other school in the world. Students at ALA will have the opportunity to work with other bright young leaders from across the continent on entrepreneurial projects to develop innovative solutions to the continent’s most pressing challenges, such as poverty alleviation, health care provision, and economic development. Each student will be matched to a distinguished personal mentor and will have the opportunity to attend frequent guest lectures by prominent leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world.

The Cisco Scholars Program and the support of the Cisco South Africa Education Trust make it possible for young leaders from all backgrounds in South Africa to attend African Leadership Academy. Chris Bradford, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at ALA, believes there is an exceptional cultural match between the two organizations. “Cisco has always been an innovative company,” said Bradford. “As such, there is a wonderful match between Cisco’s innovative spirit and the educational innovations at African Leadership Academy.

We look forward to bringing Cisco managers and technologists onto our campus as participants in ALA’s innovative mentorship and expert-in-residence programs. Together, ALA and Cisco can educate young men and women who are deeply committed to Africa and empowered to make a significant and lasting difference in South Africa and across the continent.”

African Leadership Academy aspires to one day bring the most promising young leaders from all 54 African countries to its campus in Honeydew, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Fred Swaniker, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ALA, says that “African Leadership Academy will initially focus our recruiting efforts on a subset of countries that will deliver an inaugural class with broad cultural, ethnic, regional, national, and religious diversity.

In addition to recruiting outstanding boys and girls from across South Africa, we are actively recruiting outstanding students from Kenya,Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Liberia, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, the DRC, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.”

Mr. Swaniker is African Leadership Academy’s lead recruiter in Southern Africa. He will be visiting schools across the country and encouraging applications from students of all backgrounds who meet the Academy’s rigorous admissions criteria. ALA seeks bold, dynamic young leaders who are outstanding students and committed to their communities.

African Leadership Academy is led by Dean Christopher Khaemba of Kenya, a renowned school leader who previously served as Principal of Alliance High School, Kenya’s leading secondary school.

At Alliance, Khaemba successfully placed at least thirty students at top universities in the USA – including Harvard, Yale, and MIT – each year, with most of these students receiving full scholarships.At African Leadership Academy, Khaemba will be supported by an outstanding team of faculty from across Africa and around the world.

The ALA admissions process will be “very rigorous,” notes Mr. Swaniker. Interested students must complete a written application, write an essay, and submit academic reports from their school.

Finalists will complete a written entrance examination and be interviewed by members of the Academy’s staff. Students may learn more and download an application at ALA’s website, .

“We seek young people with the passion and courage required to be an agent of positive change on the African continent,” says Dean Khaemba. “I believe African Leadership Academy will provide an unparalleled opportunity for outstanding young leaders to realize their immense potential. I know that there are a large number of incredible young people in South Africa who have the potential to transform this continent. I hope many of them will choose to apply to ALA.”

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