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Falke South Africa is encouraging you to stay fit at home

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Falke South Africa is encouraging you to stay fit at home

Cape Town, April 2020 - Falke, a locally designed and manufactured leading sock brand in South Africa, known for its functional and high-quality performance socks, are encouraging you to stay fit, healthy, and positive during the lockdown.

We spoke to friends of the brand, Falke Sponsored Athlete- Natia Van Heerden and Falke Ambassador- Ziyaad Solomon for useful tips on how we can all maintain a regular and active lifestyle while indoors.

Most of us are probably experiencing a mixture of emotions during the lockdown- frustration, helplessness, self-pity and loneliness just to name a few. So instead of fixating on the lockdown period, and now extension as 5 whole weeks, rather allow yourself to focus on daily motivation and goals. Breaking your time and activities up into shorter periods may be easier for your brain to process. Take it day-by-day to make up the week.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle indoors, it’s important to avoid falling into a rut. Create and commit to a daily schedule and always make time to fit in your workouts. “I know that exercising regularly and working up a sweat means I’ll feel better afterwards because of the endorphins pumping through my body” says Natia, a professional tri-athlete working hard at maintaining a fitness level that will allow her to continue competing at a professional level once the lockdown has ended. “One never regrets a training session once it’s completed!”

If you’re struggling to exercise regularly, try to encourage other members of your household to join you, or stay connected and active with others online. “I often share the workouts in our Stride Run Crew Group and we workout together or share our experience afterwards” says Ziyaad, a tri-athlete and runner.

When planning your workouts, we are fortunate to live in a world where access to information and online resources are at our fingertips. Free videos and downloadable apps are in abundance. You can workout from the comfort of your home without needing any fancy equipment or weights.

Since gyms and studios have been shut, most trainers have turned to social media to share free workouts. You can now join and participate in live Instagram workouts and gain access to daily circuit exercises to complete at home. If you’re looking for an ideal at-home workout Falke post daily workout ideas to their Instagram stories each morning. Follow @falke_sa for access to their free circuit guide.

“I recommend following social media accounts like Katrin Davidsdottir (@katrintanja) and CompTrain ( for easy to follow at-home workouts that anyone can do”- Ziyaad. “For cycling and running I use a program called ‘Zwift’. It’s an online game app and you can ride with friends, compete in e-races, or do structured workouts. It’s an amazing platform to build your fitness plus it has the social aspect of a group activity where you can chat to your friends and meet up for a ride or run. Zwift is for all fitness levels so it’s really worth giving it a go”- Natia.

Lastly, the way you perform in your daily exercise can be directly correlated to your comfort, Natia and Ziyaad both recommend the Falke Coollayr crew socks as they are light and breathable with unique cooling properties-perfect for indoor cycling. The Hidden Dry sock is another go-to for Natia. “They fit perfectly and never cause friction or blisters. I have done many IRONMAN races in those socks!”

Follow FALKE on Twitter @FalkeSA, on Instagram falke_sa and FalkeSA on Facebook for the latest news and promotions. #BeSafe #BeHealthy #BeStrong #BePositive #BeFalke #FlatteningTheCurve #Covid19

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