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Introducing The Falke A/W20 Sport Collection

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Introducing The Falke A/W20 Sport Collection

Cape Town, February 2020- Falke, as the leading innovative sock wear specialists since 1895, have officially launched their latest autumn/winter 2020 sport collection. Locally designed and manufactured, this season's sport collection was designed with a focus on the digital age. 

With the rise of technology, the new A/W20 collection gives way to ‘tech-tility’ in which we explore the space between real and virtual. Embracing digital influences and a growing focus on colours viewed through our screens, bright shades such as; flu green, neon lime, purples, pinks, blues, greys and light aqua, are now becoming unashamedly artificial which will be enhanced across the latest collection. 

With a focus on creating futuristic looks with fresh acidic tones across their Stride, Silver Run, Ultra Light, Retro Crew and Advanced Bike socks, other key features have played a vital role in the A/W20 collection. Innovative hidden features include ergonomically engineered socks that provide optimal support, comfort and anti-microbial properties as well as advanced features in the Coollayr sock using ‘Coollayr Cooling Technology’ for the ultimate cycling experience.

The all-new futuristic tech-glam aesthetic theme portrayed in the A/W20 collection, delivers the best quality, function, design and experiences. Athletes can look forward to more practical performance attributes such as a boost in comfort and support. This is achieved through specific geometric, ribbed and tubular patterns and textures in each design, such as the Stride Collection, providing support for your feet when you need it most. 

As innovation is a strong theme prevalent in the A/W20 collection and with the impact of climate change at the forefront of design and production, temperature regulation is a core feature athletes can benefit from. Mohair wool and merino linings allow hikers, to keep warm on the cooler days outdoors, and keep cool during more high-intensity hikes or exercises. The mohair blend component is ideal for the advanced hiker as it is made up of mohair, merino wool and acrylic, twisted with drynamix. This ultimately creates a ‘diamond’ fibre that is soft, comfortable and most importantly, durable.  

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of South Africa’s natural landscapes, the A/W20 collection features natural earthy tones with pops of enticing bright colours. These attractive hues and advanced technological features set the tone for a season of wellness and high-performance and appeal to younger consumers as well. 

The latest A/W20 collection is available online at all the latest news and promotions, follow FALKE on:Twitter: @FalkeSAInstagram: @falkefashion_sa Facebook: FalkeSA 

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