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Daring duo Landie and Christiaan Greyling join K-Way’s ranks of elite athletes

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As a proudly South African brand that has continuously supported the bold and adventurous, K-Way has for years been partnering with some of the country’s top athletes.From ultra-trail runner Nicolette Griffioen and ultra-distance elite runner Lucky Miya to trail-running champion AJ Calitz, K-Way has always backed the bravest.More than just supporting them in their professional endeavours, K-Way has become a part of their everyday lifestyle.“K-Way is not an elitist brand, but rather one for the people.

Affordable quality in outdoor gear and apparel is what people need to grow a passion for nature, the environment, conservation and eco-awareness in South Africa. I’m passionate about these things and being a part of K-Way enables me to help promote love for outdoor activities in our beautiful country,” comments Griffioen.It’s no surprise then that husband-and-wife trail-running duo Landie and Christiaan Greyling felt that K-Way would be the perfect sponsor to team up with too. More than just a brand, they were looking for a company that values family, encourages adventure and prioritises conservation; after an 8-month search for the right partner, they both agreed that K-Way ticked all the boxes.

“We are excited to join the K-Way team of athletes and ambassadors. K-Way is one of the only major brands who manufactures and thus employs locally, and has environmentally-friendly business practices,” said Landie Greyling, who earlier this year achieved a fifth position in the 60km Penyagolosa Trails in Spain – the only South African in the top five, and just six months after the birth of her son Christopher, no less. The Greylings will proudly wear the K-Way brand, together with their partners Garmin and Biogen, to #gearupandgetout, exploring and thriving in the mountains and on the trails.Read more about the other K-Way elite athletes and ambassadors here and support them in these upcoming races:

Dolomiten Mann Trail - 7 September 2019: featuring AJ Calitz 

4 Peaks Challenge - 21 September 2019: featuring Lucky Miya 

Otter trail - 12 October 2019: featuring Nicolette Griffioen, Wesley Sweetnam, Christiaan and Landie Greyling 

Sky Run - 16 November 2019: featuring Christiaan and Landie Greyling, Wesley Sweetnam, Nicolette Griffioen, AJ Calitz and Lucky Miya 

3 Peaks Challenge - 2 November 2019: featuring Cleo Albertus

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Since 1997 K-Way has been leading the way in terms of innovative design, technology and environmentally friendly business practices. With our proudly South African heritage, we aim to produce only the best in technical and leisure apparel to ensure our customers are sufficiently geared up to get out anywhere in the world.

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