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"South Africa Changes You" - The Kaiser praises the host country of the 2010 Fifa World Cup™

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[] Speaking at this year’s tourism festival in Berlin, Beckenbauer described South Africa as the new frontier of travel. "South Africa changes you’" he said. What he loves about the country he frequently visits, is the warmth of its sunshine, its wild spaces and its attitude to make things go right.
As the World Cup moves from Germany to South Africa, it is expected that more tourists than ever before will come to SA’s sunny shores, to be part of South Africa’s new gold, as the tourism industry has been called. Last year’s arrival figure of some 7 million tourists is expected to grow considerably.

A special effort is being made to lure more German tourists to South Africa. SATourism will begin an intensive campaign in Germany the moment World Cup 2006 ends, upping its budget for Germany by 40%, as it focuses on SA being the next World Cup host.

Comments Dr Nikolaus Eberl, the author of ‘The IziCwe Code: Conquer Life’: "Germans love South Africa and its people - in fact, there is a special connectivity between the German and the African people. As Beckenbauer said, the climate, the open spaces and the sense of adventure appeal to German tourists. Indeed many a German tourist find that their holiday has turned into a love affair and they decide to make South Africa their first, or second home."

Dr Nikolaus recently introduced a revolutionary new brand leadership model, called The IziCwe Code, at the Global Leaders Africa Summit in Johannesburg, sharing the stage with world renowned leadership gurus Tom Peters, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Porter. Based on twelve years of global research, The IziCwe Code is about internal branding strategies from Emperor Shaka, aimed at engaging the emotional drivers of employee commitment (coined EmotiVators™ by Dr Nikolaus) and building total commitment to delivering the brand promise.

Dr Nikolaus and co-author Herman Schoonbee published “The IziCwe Code: Internal Branding” in 2005 (Academy Press, foreword by Reuel Khoza), which was recently critically reviewed by President Thabo Mbeki in his Letter from the President; using “the analytical tools contained in The IziCwe Code”, the President issued the challenge to government leaders to “generate the kind of commitment that will ensure that …our government at all levels … can be trusted to honour the brand promise!”

Dr Nikolaus’ earlier book “Conquer Life: Personal Branding Strategies from the Emperor” was appraised by The Business Day as “A must for anyone who wants to overcome personal and career challenges”, and Herman Mashaba, Founder of Black Like Me as “A uniquely South African formula for mustering the will to succeed and conquer life.”

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