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{pp}Capetonian Ray Chaplin [26] will be running the Old Mutual Two Oceans half marathon on Easter Saturday 7 April to raise much-needed funds for the event’s official charity, Habitat for Humanity South Africa.
{pp}The award of the Soccerex 2007, the world's largest soccer exhibition, to Johannesburg signals a significant shift in South Africa's Brand Image
{pp}FIFA's decision to hold the 2010 Soccer World Cup in the middle of the South African winter is exposing the hugely successful Fan Festivals to the Whims of the Elements.
{pp}When local 2010 Officials stood up the International Media two weeks ago, there was more at stake than Timekeeping
{pp}For the second time in as many months, LOC boss Danny Jordaan has slammed the media for sowing doubt about SA’s ability to stage the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.
{pp}Brand South Africa suffered serious damage when local 2010 Officials stood up the International Media.Having called the international media for an urgent briefing on the preparations for the 2010 World Cup, officials from the local organising committee (LOC) failed to arrive at the venue. After waiting for nearly two hours,…
[] The Heart & Stroke Foundation South Africa, in association with SAFA (Western Cape), will be hosting a day of street rules, 5-a-side socer, for 280 children from disadvanteged areas, at the UWC Stadium in Bellville on November 26th 2006.
[] The low temperatures and early nights of the South African Winter are calling for moving the 2010 FIFA World Cup to December.
[] "The organisation for the World Cup in South Africa is beset by big problems," Beckenbauer was quoted by news agencies as saying. The Kaiser's warning has sparked a fury of responses from South Africa
[] A revolutionary new innovation program, called The IziCwe Code, is aligning Employee Commitment to President Mbeki’s 2010 Promise.
[] MORNINGSIDE, South Africa – July 15, 2006 – Airstream, a South African based manufacturer of an innovative cycling earwear product, today announced it has changed its name to Slipstreamz and is now shipping an extensively redesigned version of its product called, “The Slip.”
[] Speaking at this year’s tourism festival in Berlin, Beckenbauer described South Africa as the new frontier of travel. "South Africa changes you’" he said. What he loves about the country he frequently visits, is the warmth of its sunshine, its wild spaces and its attitude to make things go…

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