Advertising Rates on MyPressportal

MyPressportal statistics are roughly as follows **:
  • 12400 unique visitors per month
  • 420000 page views per month
  • 55% of the visitors from South Africa
Advertising Informaiton
All the advertising is displayed as a static advert or random advert, depending on the location.

The advert can be static or animated graphic (jpeg or gif) which will redirect web surfers either to your website or a custom advert page created by MyPressportal.

Adverts appear on all pages, down the right hand column of the website.

Your Press Release on the Frontpage Slider
  • Monthly = R900.00
  • You need to supply the following:
    - A graphic which is 656px wide and 165px high
    - The press release stays on for 1 month, then expires automatically.
Banner 300w x 250h (rotating option also offered)
  • Monthly = R475.00
  • 6 Month = R2565.00 (-10%)
  • 12 month = R4845.00 (-15%)
Banner 300w x 60h
  • Monthly = R195.00
  • 6 Month = R1053.00 (-10%)
  • 12 month = R1989.00 (-15%)
Banner 145w x 60h
  • Monthly = R135.00
  • 6 Month = R729.00 (-10%)
  • 12 month = R1377.00 (-15%)
Custom Page
  • R400 extra for the initial setup of the custom page.
  • Custom pages include: Logo, company text, link to your website, maximum 2 product/service images.
- MyPressportal reserves the right to change any conditions for advertising on the website at anytime.
- All prices include VAT (South Africa)
- Rates are applicable for the term booked.
- Custom pages are terminated when advert term is reached.
- Rates increase annually.
- Adverts relating to PORNOGRAPHY, MOBILE JUNK, GET RICH Schemes etc, will NOT be accepted.
- Advert termination is by written request (email).
- We do not offer refunds on adverts placed.
- Invoices are issued through raramuridesign.

** Updated May 2007

About Pressportal

MyPressportal is geared towards the South African Market only. A press release can have a huge impact on the marketing of your company, as many journalist use press releases to communicate new happenings from all types of companies and NGO's. MyPressportal is FREE. We do not plan not to make this a paid service. If you would like to know more about the system, please read the FAQ.