MyPressportal is a Free press release System for South Africa is a Free Press release system for any South African related business or venture. This can be in the form of a large company to a self employed person.

You can submit a press release for anthing such as:

  1. new products
  2. new services
  3. appointed people
  4. events
  5. starting of new companies
  6. fund raising
  7. etc etc... the list is endless

As long as it is South African orientated.

We do not accept any press releases which offer products or services for another country.

If you are unsure, please contact us with an example and we will be able to screen this for you. Contact.

About Pressportal

MyPressportal is geared towards the South African Market only. A press release can have a huge impact on the marketing of your company, as many journalist use press releases to communicate new happenings from all types of companies and NGO's. MyPressportal is FREE. We do not plan not to make this a paid service. If you would like to know more about the system, please read the FAQ.