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Tuesday, 10 December 2019 11:42

Engen False Bay 1Stop celebrates 25 years of putting customers first

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Engen False Bay 1Stop celebrates 25 years of putting customers first

To celebrate Engen False Bay 1Stop’s 25th birthday, owner Kobus Pretorius recently gave away a brand-new Toyota Etios to a lucky customer.

 At the official handover of the car on 6 December, ecstatic winner Jacqueline October felt truly blessed by “this dream come true.”

 “On the way to my aunt’s 60th birthday in September, we stopped at the Engen False Bay 1Stop on our way to Mossel Bay. All I had to do was spend R150 to enter the competition,” said October.

 “Surprisingly enough, when I entered, I told my cousin that I was going win. I just had a feeling and what a wonderful way to end the year,” she added.

 For Pretorius, it was important to give something back to his customers and to thank them for their loyalty over the past quarter century.

 And although Engen False Bay 1Stop looks very different today than it did 25 years ago, thanks to extensive upgrades over the past two decades, Pretorius is adamant the focus on excellent customer service is unchanged.

 October agrees: “I love that Engen is so family oriented and I think it’s because Engen themselves are a family.”

 Today, Engen False Bay 1Stop is a flagship service station with an average 800 to 1 000 vehicles passing through each day to fill up their cars with Engen’s premium fuels - Engen Primax Unleaded or Engen Dynamic Diesel 50ppm.

 Situated on the N2 East, 10 kilometres before Somerset West, Engen False Bay 1Stop offers customers the convenience of a Woolworths Foodstop, Wimpy family restaurant and take away, Corner Bakery and Quickshop.

 It is open 24/7 and can serve up to 4 000 customers per day at peak times. Consequently, the rest rooms are always busy yet consistently serviced and very clean. In 2018, Pretorius very successfully installed a water desalination plant on site that converts borehole water into purified water.

 “There have been vast upgrades and improvements over the past 25 years but the one constant which we are extremely proud of is our excellent service and consistent quality. Our customers are always number one,” says Pretorius.

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