Wednesday, 08 September 2021

Security & self-defense in South Africa

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Umarex Home Defense Kit - T4E HDR 50 CAL

South Africans might not be able to sight self-defense as a valid reason for a gun license if government has a say about it.

The country came ablaze with fears of gun owners no longer being able to apply for gun licenses for self-defense. South Africans have been taking their own safety in hand due to a lack of faith in the Police to protect and safeguard their families.

We see that people make use of private security firms and other deterrents such as electric fences, alarms and motion detectors to keep their property and their families safe.  However, the use of firearms have always been the fallback for when these fail and you are faced with a perpetrator in your house. With gun licenses now being reviewed for self-defense South African are looking elsewhere to find alternatives.

Rolph Vorster, owner of Outdoor & Velocity has seen a huge uptick in people looking for effective alternatives which can be easily come by, without the red tape commonly associated with applying for a gun license. Outdoor & Velocity is an importer for some of the largest names in air guns, pepper pistols and tazers, they pride themselves on their ability to provide these items at the best price possible in South Africa.  Their latest import for the Borner Air Pistol brand sees the Borner CLT-125 Air Pistol Kit as one of the top sellers. Other favourites are the Byrna Pepper Pistol Kit, the Umarex T4E 50cal Home Defence Revolver and the Umarex T4E HDR 50 Cal Kit with torch

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