Wednesday, 10 February 2021

KZN Singer Denzyl Returns with new single ‘All I Want Is You’ Ft Jae

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KZN Singer Denzyl Returns with new single ‘All I Want Is You’ Ft Jae

The name on his passport reads Denzil Pillay, and his musical contributions shout Denzyl! This KZN born-and-raised lyrical and musical mastermind is claiming his piece of the dance cake and his latest delivery, “All I Want is You”, is the cherry on that deliciously decadent beats-riddled confection.The latest single loves company, thanks to the guiding vocal genius of “I’m Missing You” hitmaker Jae. “All I Want Is You” is a marriage of pulsating beats, loving layered with an arrangement and melody that’s entirely immediate and completely accessible, no matter what the usual flavour of decadent dance you favour.

Produced by Anthony Govender, mixed and mastered by PrichA Music Group, “All I Want Is You” breathes new life into Denzyl’s carefully crafted floor-filler, making it a meeting of truly talented minds and skill sets. At its heart, “All I Want Is You” is love and genuine wanting that could only have been inspired by real life turned upside down, inside out and presented in an uplifting anthem that is the ultimate call to commit to someone entirely invested.