Tuesday, 09 February 2021

Osa Mazwai Releases 2 electronic dance anthems – Woah (It’s a Monster) and What You Say

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Osa Mazwai Releases 2 electronic dance anthems – Woah (It’s a Monster) and What You Say

Osa Mazwai is an independent artist and singer/songwriter based in Johannesburg, South Africa.He is a pop singer who uses his platform to advocate for human and gay rights. Osa is also the brother of recognised South African songstress Thandiswa Mazwai. Osa formally entered the artistic world in July 2020 through the release of his much anticipated single “What You Say” on digital platforms across the world.

The single was well received and was the most played song in South Africa on its release day for the demographic 25-29 year olds in South Africa. The song was inspired by his own insecurities as a gay male in South Africa. He only came out of the closet at 23 years of age. The question is thus where do you get back that lost time? Years of self-hate, embarrassment and self-loathing simply because society in general shuns homosexuals. The song thus says that no one is going to tell anyone who they get to love.

It speaks not only to homosexuals but anyone who is discriminated against for who they love,whether it’s an issue of sexual orientation or interracial relationships or whatever. The hope for the song is that it becomes a beacon of hope for anyone who feels ashamed of who they are.They must always believe in themselves and be comfortable with who they are.

In November, Osa released his second single titled “Dandelion”. The song was again social commentary and activism on the power of the use of voice. It was inspired by the US elections in which Osa rightfully sings, “Use your voice, let it be heard, your voice comes right from the belly of the beast”.

During this time, the Black Lives Matter protests had flaired up in the United States and many prominent activists used the power of their voices to stand up and speak truth to power. Osa releases his highly anticipated third single on 5 February 2020 titled “Woah (It’s a monster)”. The 2 singles will be sent to international DJs and Clubs for a worldwide campaign showcasing Osa’s musical talents.

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