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Show your support today on International Epilepsy Day

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Show your support today on International Epilepsy Day

Show your support today on International Epilepsy DayToday on International Epilepsy Day, the GladAfrica Foundation needs your support to raise awareness for this condition that affects 1 in every 100 people in South Africa.

Johannesburg - To live with Epilepsy is to live with a neurological condition. It can’t be seen or heard. According to Epilepsy SA, Epilepsy affects 1 out of 100 people in South Africa; which translates into about 500 000 people and makes it one of the most common neurological diseases.

Despite this, the condition is often surrounded by prejudice and myth, especially in rural communities where people with this condition are often shunned and thought to be “possessed.” People who suffer from epilepsy are often treated differently by their families and communities due to various stigmatized reasons. This could be perpetuated by myths; the lack of information or knowledge of care options at the disposal of communities.

This is why the GladAfrica Foundation is supporting the Epilepsy SA Gauteng Branch to raise awareness and educate South Africans about Epilepsy on International Epilepsy Day, 8 February 2021. The Foundation is running a week-long campaign from 8 February - 16 February to increase awareness and understanding of different types of seizures, seizure first aid and key facts to assist the directly and indirectly affected persons.

The Foundation is also raising funds through their Facebook page that will benefit the Epilepsy SA Gauteng Branch. The Co-Chairperson of GladAfrica Foundation, Noel Mashaba was affected by Epilepsy in his childhood. “There is a need to destigmatize epilepsy and raise awareness of its causes and medication options applicable to different types of epilepsy” says Mashaba.

Show your support by: Donating. Banking details can be found here.

For #InternationalEpilepsyDay, Place a dedicated frame on your Facebook profile picture to help raise awareness. Try it here

Learn more about Epilepsy by visiting or or call 0860 EPILEPSYAbout GladAfrica Foundation The GladAfrica Foundation was initiated and created by the GladAfrica Group. As a Foundation, we partner with donors and other organisations and work closely with and within disadvantaged black communities to ensure that our projects are well-funded, needs-driven and sustainable. Our focus is on facilitating realistic growth and delivering tangible benefits.

Learn more: Epilepsy SAEpilepsy SA aims to create a society in which people with epilepsy and other disabilities have equal opportunities to function optimally to achieve their fullest potential in all spheres of life.

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