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How to Get Kids to Play Outdoors More Often

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How to Get Kids to Play Outdoors More Often

How to Get Kids to Play Outdoors More Often

Now more than ever before, it is almost impossible to get the little ones to go outside and play. Children are glued to our devices, especially if they have their own that they can use freely, playing video games and watching videos for hours on end. While some media consumption is beneficial to kids, too much of it can lead to stagnant, stunted growth, and poor overall health and development.

Children Should Get At Least 3 Hours of Outdoor Playtime a Day

Studies have proven that children should get at least 3 hours of play outside; that goes beyond simply playing inside with toys. Outside they’re more inclined to run, climb and play with other children, developing valuable physical and social skills while keeping active.

But 3 hours can seem like a very long time for kids, especially if they aren’t given much to do outside. And it’s even worse if they’re already glued to their devices. The good news is, however, that with the right outdoor play systems, children can easily be entertained for hours. Here are some of the playground sets that keep kids active and having fun; remember, variety is the spice of life!

Swing Sets

Everyone loves a good swing, and kids are always vying for their chance on the swing set. Not only do they exercise fine and gross motor skills while on the swing itself, but when they push each other they hone those skills as well. And it teaches them the valuable lesson of patience and sharing with others. Keep them entertained with a good swing set, either as a stand-alone or as an attachment to a jungle gym.

Jungle Gyms

These are the most popular outdoor play systems, and it’s no guess as to why. Jungle gyms come in all shapes and sizes, in a myriad of designs and themes. From pirate boats to jeeps, small sets to larger ones, jungle gyms come with slides, monkey bars, nets, swings, and poles, plenty to keep the little ones entertained for hours on end. You even get smaller toddler play systems for younger audiences, perfectly designed and built with safety in mind.Jungle gyms are the best bang for your buck overall when it comes to outdoor play systems, thanks to their many features, extensions, and expandability.

Encourage Outdoor Play with Diverse Playground Systems

Give children the best shot at being entertained and having fun for the full 3 hours that they should spend playing outside every day. Whether you’re a parent, child carer, or school faculty, it’s important to equip your playgrounds with plenty of fun and exciting outdoor play systems and toddler play systems. The more the merrier, but if you have little space to work with, you can design your playground with a selection of the most rewarding and versatile equipment. At Kiduddie, we build and install top quality wooden outdoor jungle gyms, and we can recommend and craft the perfect playground for you.

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