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Friday, 29 May 2020 12:02

Cape Town-based, Nigerian-born Afro-pop artist Nome releases latest single 'Cheque Out' 

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Cape Town-based, Nigerian-born Afro-pop artist Nome releases latest single 'Cheque Out' 

'Cheque Out' is the new single to come from afro-pop artist Nome.

With its laid back pop vibe, 'Cheque Out' is a special release for Nome as he intends it to introduce the world to him as an artist, and as a man with a big and tender heart. Written with DSB and featuring HE, this song tells the story about his feelings for a girl. Since it's release on 30 April 2020, the song has been streamed over 100 000 times across all leading digital platforms.

Growing up in a musical household, Nome developed his love of music singing in the local church choir with his mum as a child. In 2018, Nome got to work with one of Africa's best producers Kiddominant and they produced three songs, all of which have been released to positive responses. His stage name means 'with me' which is an important message for Nome as he creates community around his music.'Cheque Out' is now available on all major platforms. 

NOME BIOGRAPHY: He has deep ties to Afro Pop Music and at age 8, Nome started singing and performing  with a Local church choir (CAC).  His old-time conga drumming skills, Melodious vocals, deft arrangements, and songwriting abilities have landed him on the spotlight in Cape Town South Africa.

Nome crafted and released his first Single MULA (2018) alongside the leading African Producer (Kidominant). Since then he has released HALLELUJAH also produced by Kidominant (2018). Hallelujah was an outstanding record, it is a song of victory and a song that has not left the tongues of his fans. This has trtripled the demand for Nome`s  music  amongst Cape Townians and Nigerians most notably.

Nome has a lot of potential to break into the afro pop market big time and possibly become the hottest in the game. Do not touch that dial and make sure to check out his previous projects and follow up on up coming events.

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