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Thursday, 26 September 2019 09:40

Level Four’s delicious new ‘catch of the day’ menu boosts micro suppliers

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Level Four’s delicious new ‘catch of the day’ menu boosts micro suppliers

54 on Bath’s fine-dining Level Four restaurant (https://www.tsogosun.com/level-four) is welcoming Jozi’s warmer weather with a new summer menu and its signature focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Executive Chef Matthew Foxon’s reputation for unearthing sustainable local produce from small to medium suppliers continues onto Level Four’s summer menu with his latest find – an innovative new app for chefs that connects them with what’s available from small-scale South African fishers on the Western Cape coast.

Foxon’s discovery of the Abalobi app (www.abalobi.info) allowed him to change Level Four’s approach to fish on the menu because of the amazing variety available on the app. “Our ‘Sustainable line fish’ with roasted peppers, caper berry, pickles, and gremolata, was created to support the fish as the superstar of the dish. It’s proving to be a real winner on the menu.” When customers order the Abalobi fish from the Level Four menu, they are also given a QR code that provides fascinating details of the fish and where and when it was caught, as well as the fisher and his history.

Renowned for its commitment to sustainable local sourcing of produce, Level Four was the first Johannesburg restaurant to start using the Abalobi app. The participating fishers on the Abalobi initiative – #fromhooktocook – load their ‘catch of the day’ onto the app, and when and where it was caught, chefs are then notified and can purchase off the app. Systems are in place for fresh and fast delivery.

In addition to the incomparably fresh line fish, Level Four’s new menu features favourites that have been tweaked for the summer season, as well as fresh new dishes. The starters include Buffalo Ridge mozzarella; Seared Yellow fin tuna; Crab & line fish bouillabaisse with roasted garlic rouille and seafood tortellini; Jersey beef tartare; Chicken terrine; Roasted beetroot tart; and Poached prawns.

Main dishes include 200g Jersey fillet; Pekin duck; Sweetcorn risotto; Soil Master smoked and pulled pork belly, chop and loin, with Thai apple puree; Braised fennel & homemade ricotta ravioli; 300g Jersey ribeye; and the signature ‘to share’ 45-day dry aged Jersey fore rib on the bone.

The irresistible dessert selection includes White chocolate ganache; Lemon meringue pie with freshly in-house made pine kernel ice creamDark chocolate parfait; Rosewater panna cotta with strawberry jelly and ruby chocolate; Vanilla crème brûlée with strawberry salsa; and a Dalewood cheese selection.

Chef Matthew has been working closely with Dalewood Fromage cheesery in the Western Cape to create a selection of perfectly ripened cheeses exclusively for 54 on Bath, which means “our customers are getting the cheese when it is at its best”, he says.

The 54 on Bath tradition of collaborative development of new menus among the team in the kitchen, together with recognition of the contribution by individual chefs is continuing with much success, and dishes created by the chefs are being incorporated into the various menus. Foxon says, “This is having a profound effect on our team – and apart from the excellent learning and skills improvement, the camaraderie, knowledge sharing and teamwork is exciting and inspiring.”

To book a fine-dining lunch or dinner and experience Level Four’s fresh new offering, visit www.tsogosun.com/level-four or call 0113448442, or for more details, visit www.tsogosun.com, follow on Twitter @TsogoSun or like on Facebook @TsogoSun.

Additional note on Abalobi

The Abalobi initiative – #fromhooktocook – is a non-profit organisation headed by Marine Biologist, Dr Serge Raemaekers, which brings together various stakeholders, with traditional fishers taking centre stage. It is aimed at poverty alleviation and stewardship of marine resources through delivering traceable and ‘storied seafood’ by empowered fishers in a way that is both ecologically responsible and socially fair.

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