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Friday, 29 June 2007 16:18

Joomla! Day South Africa - Johannesburg

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{pp}The Joomla! Southern African Portal are hosting a Joomla! Day South Africa event in Johannesburg on the 14th July 2007. Again we will be discussing all things Joomla! related and this gives you a chance to share your views and ask questions about Joomla!.

What is Joomla! Day South Africa?
A gathering of all Joomla! users in South Africa - end users, managers, administrators, developers and service providers to the Joomla! community.
A day of networking, presentations, discussions and fun - all around the Joomla! content Management System. Registration is essential as seats are limited.

Most Recent Event
We held the first such event in Cape Town recently, at the Bandwidth Barn, which was highly successful and well attended.

We are only charging a R100 event registration fee, which is partly required to cover travel costs for presenters from Cape Town, Empangeni and Durban.

Register for Joomla! Day South Africa, Johannesburg here ...

At this stage the venue is still to be confirmed.  Please watch for more information. We are open to pay for the venue and refreshments for the day (am, lunch, pm), however the event itself is not-for-profit so if there is anyone who could sponsor a venue and/or the refreshments that would help to reduce costs.  Sponsors would be allowed to present a slot on the day, on condition that the topic is related to Joomla!

Event News Alerts
If you would like to keep in touch, please make a point to Register on the Joomla! Day website.
Please also subscribe to the event newsletter to stay informed about the event.

Please let us know if you would like to partner with us in your city to host and arrange an event.
Organisors of the Joomla! Day South Africa - Johannesburg event are:
slingshot , raramuridesign , pandp communication

Contact Details:
Slingshot: 084-704-9614
raramuridesigns: 084-528-2020

+27(0)35-772-2712/4555 | 082-5777-340  

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