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Thursday, 14 December 2006 22:51

No fear for Skaap at Christmas – Beware the turkeys!

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{pp}Phoning overseas at Christmas has always been as traditional as stuffing the turkey, though the phone owners were often the ones being stuffed. Not much more than ‘hello, how are you and how’s the weather?’ and there went your Christmas bonus. Those who have flocked to Skaap however will be bleating with delight. Not only are they able to call friends and family overseas at reduced rates, but also their UK based friends and family can now call them using Skaap, from a local London access number.
Clients can register their little lambs UK numbers onto their Skaap account meaning no more excuses for not calling. The other benefit of this service is that Skaap customers visiting the UK on holiday can register their UK number onto an existing account and then save by not having to pay expensive roaming charges to call back to South Africa during their holiday.

Through Skaap, technology is enabling South Africans to speak to their friends and family members across the globe on a regular basis. The biggest barrier to being able to do this in the past has been cost. With the ingenuity and innovativeness of Skaap, clock-watching during overseas phone calls is no longer necessary. Their easy-to-use interface at, makes accessing their service simple for everyone. Once signed-up, you can use either your cellphone or landline to benefit from low cost overseas calls.

“Here in South Africa we are finally seeing progress in the telecommunications market. Monopolies and huge profits at the expense of the consumer are fast dissipating,” says Brett Magrath, Managing Director of Skaap.

With the high cost of international calls from your cellular phone consumers have been restricted to using their landline phones. As an example, to call a UK landline from a cellular phone will cost R3.16 / minute and from your landline R1.40 / minute. Using Skaap it is possible to call the UK for less then 50 cents from your cellular phone.

With its mobility benefits, the cellphone is the obvious choice for your international communication requirements. Being able to call overseas using your cellphone or landline via Skaap, at a fraction of the cost of a conventional landline is both refreshing and long overdue.

So Christmas is set to be a little different this year thanks to Skaap, no longer penned in by expensive overseas calls or being fixed to your landline, our little lambs will be hearing from us more often and for longer over the festive season.

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