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How Does Consumer Behaviour Affect IT Strategies?

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IT Strategies for Thought Leaders

If you want to be recognised as an IT leader in your field, you need to thoroughly understand what your company does and why a constantly evolving IT strategy is necessary. This process will require support from the company Executives as well as a financial commitment. Relationship-building and communication skills are vital for an IT Manager to align their IT strategy with the company’s ultimate goals and, in the process, provide sustainable value for it to maximise their Return On Investment (ROI).

Nevermore than before has Information Technology advanced so rapidly. This can, in part, be attributed to the responses to the current pandemic, which necessitated a rapid technology change. However, there are several other contributing factors causing CIO's to re-examine their IT strategies, thanks to changing customer behaviour and expectations.

Remote Working
Globally, more users than ever before were required to work from home during the lockdown that followed the pandemic's emergence. Previously non-technical users quickly adjusted and became adept with the latest computers and software applications. This, in turn, created a need for better remote-friendly technology that included both hardware and software.

In July 2021, the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs raised its global growth projections as the global economic recovery gained strength but expressed concern that these growth prospects would still be limited in many developing countries. However, the damage had been done. Many companies all over the world were forced to retrench staff or close their doors. One outcome of the efforts to save costs and jobs was a dramatic increase in using open-source software.

Social Media
Social media has proved that it is not a frivolity simply for teenagers, and the lockdown supported this view. Business people and consumers discovered that many different platforms provided the ability to communicate and stay connected, resulting in the uptake of platforms such as Zoom Meetings and MS Teams. Companies also realised how quickly a poor customer experience could be communicated to a broad audience, with unlimited ramifications.

Environmentally Friendly IT
A looming trend is Green IT, which aims to use computers and other IT infrastructure in an environmentally friendly manner by using less natural resources to run a company more responsibly. These natural resources range from the raw materials needed in manufacturing hardware to the power required to run computer systems.

Cloud Virtualisation
Scalable cloud solutions and applications are becoming more popular due to the virtualisation of servers, the ability for better collaboration, increased security in a world where cyber-security threats are growing, and a global drive to lower costs all around.

Data Management
In a competitive world, knowledge is integral to business success as it allows business leaders to leverage their most important assets to create additional value for the company. In addition, the collation, analysis and distribution of pertinent data can foster important innovation.

A company’s IT strategy needs the involvement of all stakeholders in the business to survive, and it must be flexible enough to reflect a thorough understanding of its clients’ behaviour dynamics under all circumstances. Although this comes at a price, underestimating the link between a flexible IT strategy and the value of customer behaviour in the business can be a costly mistake.

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