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When Last Did Your Company Conduct an IT Business Review?

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When Last Did Your Company Conduct an IT Business Review?

The primary objective of an IT business review should be to obtain a clearer picture of the current state of your business's IT infrastructure in terms of how effectively it is supporting your business operations. In other words, it determines the strengths and weaknesses of your company's IT framework.

The current rate of technological developments makes it crucial to implement the right technology for your business. A professional IT company can undertake this IT review to ensure that your business is using the latest technology and that this technology is relevant to your business operations, thus ensuring that you are only paying for what you require.

Objectives of an IT Business Review
This in-depth analysis of your business's IT environment should include everything from hardware, software, IT infrastructure and assets to existing applications and IT personnel. This process will also allow you to update your IT strategy, which can provide your company with a competitive advantage.

The three main areas that are included in this review are:

  • IT Performance
  • IT Compliance
  • IT Security & Risks

IT Performance Review
Existing IT systems and processes need to be evaluated under this review to measure how effectively they contribute towards the daily business operations and how prepared the company is for business continuity in the event of an incident or disaster. This review will provide objective insight that should identify operational inefficiencies and waste resulting in potential cost-savings.

IT Compliance Review
A regular review of a company's compliance with IT-specific policies, laws, regulations and industry standards is vital. This is even more relevant with the introduction of the Protection Of Personal Information Act (POPIA). Failure to comply opens up your business to significant fines and reputational damage. Westech, a top IT company in South Africa, advises firms on complex, cross-functional issues and on how to develop and implement strict data protection policies to ensure POPIA compliance.

IT Security and Risk Review
The rise in cyber-crime increases the risk of sensitive data held by a company being stolen or held for ransom. Therefore, operating system policies and asset management processes need to be regularly reviewed for inefficiencies and updated accordingly to reduce these risks.

Westech's IT audit consultants enhance this IT assessment process by providing companies with a customised IT review that recognises each business's unique internal control, compliance, security and performance requirements.

This professional IT service provider’s proven process reduces the overall risk and provides relevant, actionable advice to your IT department on how to improve their service levels to the business. Contact Westech for an obligation-free quote.

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