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Fully Managed IT Services: What Are They And Is Your Technology Sufficiently Supported?

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Managed IT Services

Virtually every business nowadays has an IT infrastructure with equipment that needs to be maintained, processes that need to be regularly managed and software that must be kept updated and monitored. However, smaller businesses do not necessarily have the available resources to dedicate to such time-consuming but critical endeavours. Under these conditions, outsourcing part or all of the work to a reliable IT service provider should be considered.

What Are Fully Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services encompass various functions, but in essence, your business is charged for a specific tier of services provided to it. These services may include anything from elementary maintenance of IT equipment to the functions of a fully-fledged IT department. The types of services offered will depend on each company’s IT capabilities and technology and may include some or all of the following:

  • Data backup services
  • Data storage
  • Network security
  • Microsoft implementation and support
  • Help desk solutions
  • IT support
  • Cloud management

Companies should inquire about the different levels of service or maintenance agreements available to them and ensure that this aligns with their costing expectations.

  • Daily basic service
  • Ad-hoc consulting service
  • Fully Outsourced and onsite service
  • Fully Outsourced and cloud-based service

Is Your IT Effectively Supported?

There are many misconceptions about working with an outsourced IT partner. One of the main objections is that it is too expensive, especially for smaller companies. However, outsourcing your IT services can work out less costly than hiring your own team if you consider all the hidden costs of employment. If you already have an existing IT department, outsourcing certain functions will free up some of their time and allow them to concentrate on more strategic and important projects. Smaller companies frequently find that this outsourcing model is more convenient and cost-effective.

Another consideration is whether to outsource these IT services locally or offshore. The advancement of technology has fortunately made it convenient to cost-effectively offshore IT services without losing quality customer service. In addition, IT companies offering offshore IT services can assist businesses to upscale their services globally and provide the latest international technology.

It is essential to ensure that the outsourced IT provider evaluates the company requirements and the technology needed to fulfil those requirements. Only then can an informed decision be made on what services will be required and what type of contract is needed.

Westech offers fully-managed, professional IT support across South Africa for both local and international companies. Its services are deliberately structured to provide seamless onsite and offsite technical support needed for individual business technology. The company also offers the latest networking technology and IT security systems to ensure that their client’s businesses have access to the fastest and most secure IT connectivity.

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