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Beachhead Solutions Advances MSP Reseller Program Across Africa; Cyber Retaliator Solutions Named Regional Distributor of the Managed Device Security Solution

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JOHANNESBURG, May 26, 2021 – Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control for MSPs, today announced an introduction of an updated channel reseller program for South Africa and the appointment of Cyber Retaliator Solutions as regional distribution partner. The deal makes BeachheadSecure for MSPs™ available to MSPs and IT Resellers in South Africa, as well as across Africa.

The updated MSP program will make it very affordable for African MSPs and IT Service Providers operating on the continent to get BeachheadSecure added to its stack. This, combined with multiple initiatives by the vendor and its new distributor to lower the total costs of investment to become an authorised Beachhead MSP partner, make the platform very attractive for MSPs and bring value to the local cyber security industry.

The California-based maker of the BeachheadSecure platform recognised the need to earnestly assist MSPs in Africa to have effective-yet-simpler control over the data and device safeguards they provide for their clients. “Adding Beachhead’s easy-to-use platform, patented technology and valuable functions to the stack is now of great importance for any MSP,” said Dylan Nel, Head of Vendor Engagement at Cyber Retaliator Solutions. “Incorporating BeachheadSecure is a decision that is not only smart, but something the market is demanding. This is especially true in South Africa where legislation enforcement is imminent, legally requiring every business, organisation and government in the country to adhere to strict security safeguards for the personal information they process and hold in their custody.”

Already trusted by MSPs around the world, BeacheadSecure for MSP is now fully available for MSPs and resellers throughout the African continent to purchase with this new partnership. With BeachheadSecure, providers can distinguish their offerings as complete encryption-as-a-service solutions. BeachheadSecure serves as an effective data security compliance-as-a-service solution as well, offering a key differentiator for providers who must operate under the purview of regulations such as the South African Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA), or any businesses requiring and desiring improved security safeguards on employee-used devices. BeachheadSecure also features streamlined management capabilities for providers who use BitLocker, EFS, or FileVault for data encryption.

Khinesh Vallabh, CTO of NINEVINE, which recently evaluated and signed up as a Beachhead MSP in South Africa said: “The training and service standard received from CRS and Beachhead combined are exceptional. It gives us peace of mind that this is not only a robust platform enabling us to provide a valued solution to our customers, but one where strong local support to the MSP is also in place.” 

John Tseriwa from Sagehill Business Solutions based in Zimbabwe also recently added the BeachheadSecure platform to its stack. Tseriwa said: “It incorporates valuable functions that are deeply appreciated by our clients wanting to protect the data on their devices and who need evidence of these controls and measures. It is also great that the vendor is backed by great technical support and service from its regional distributor. This was all experienced with a deployment at a corporate bank in Harare desiring a co-managed IT service (CoMIT). We evaluated and proposed the solution to our client since learning that BeachheadSecure is now available – and economical – for African MSPs like us”.

According to Amit Parbhucharan, Beachhead’s GM for the EMEA Region, “BeachheadSecure for MSPs offers powerful and simple-to-orchestrate security measures. The platform allows MSPs to remotely (and automatically) encrypt, wipe, and/or easily quarantine data on a range of user-devices whenever they become lost, stolen, or are otherwise compromised or unaccounted for. Additionally, BeachheadSecure for MSP provides the complete inventory, monitoring, alerting, and incident reporting capabilities required to ensure data on (or accessible from) any MSPs’ client devices remain effectively secured – and one-button built-in documentation that can prove it as well.”

With BeachheadSecure for MSPs, managed service providers and IT resellers (as well as those transitioning from a “break-fix” service model) can extend their portfolio with security-focused services. “By partnering with Beachhead, our channel of MSPs and IT Resellers across the African continent gets a proven solution purpose-built for easily deploying and managing encryption and access controls across clients’ employee-used devices,” says Nel. “BeachheadSecure for MSPs readily secures all PCs, Macs, mobile phones, tablets, Windows servers, and USB storage devices, and enables MSPs in South Africa and across the continent to oversee a client’s entire fleet of devices. We feel there is no easier way for MSPs to provide managed encryption, flexible authentication controls, and deliver compliance-as-a-service than via this straightforward and globally-adopted cloud-managed solution with its rapid deployment and easy management capabilities.”

Drystan Govender, Technical Specialist at CRS adds: “The product features bridge a very important gap in security. Enforced encryption allows real-time access control measures and prevention of data breaches. Where an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution would protect an organisation holistically from external threats, Beachhead would secure against threats internally – such as malicious intent, or negligence with regards to employee-controlled devices.”

“MSPs signing up to become a BeachheadSecure MSP via Cyber Retaliator Solutions will also gain valuable internal protections with the Beachhead MSP Protect program,” concludes Parbhucharan. “We include free (limited Not-for-Resale) licenses to bolster MSPs’ own device safeguards and defences, as MSPs themselves are becoming targets for data breach and espionage.” To learn more about BeachheadSecure for MSP and to apply for free licenses under the Beachhead MSP Protect program, please contact Dylan Nel on +27 72 266 2599, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.cyberretaliatorsolutions.com

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Beachhead Solutions delivers cloud-based data security and encryption – built for seamless MSP portfolio integration – through its robust BeachheadSecure for MSPs™ platform. From a single multi-tenanted console, MSPs can enforce encryption and remote data access control for clients’ Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android phones & tablets, USB storage devices, and Windows Servers. With features including remote data wipe and quarantine – as well as full monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities – MSPs use the Beachhead platform to deliver Compliance- as-a-Service, helping them win (and keep) more client business.

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